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222 days of Africa in the year 2022

Year 2022 has been so explosive.Before 2022, I have visited only 5 countries in my entire life. However, within one year of 2022, God sent us to 11 countries in four continents to share the Gospel with people. We experienced the greatness of God like never before. These are countries that we visited in 2022:…

Jesus showed me why I was made in symmetry

Have you ever wondered why you’re made in symmetry? You’re made in a way that one side of your body reflects the other part – symmetry. On Apr. 29th 2021, in the evening, I was busy cleaning my home. Then I sensed Jesus asking me to be with him, saying “I am your husband. Shouldn’t…

Diary in Mexico

Sep. 27th 2021— Feb. 27th 2022

Diary in Tanzania

Apr. 21 — May 8

US Trip

June — Aug. 3

Glory Report 2021-1

Jan 1 — Sep 14

Amazing Testimony

Testimony is prophecy. Here are amazing testimonies of what God did in His people. Be blessed as you read. If you have any testimonies that you want to share, click the button below.


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