Deliverance Hacksun Cha Salvation Testimonies

Jesus Saved Me, Delivered Me, and Baptized Me with Holy Spirit and Fire

Jesus Saved Me from the Pit

Although I attended a Methodist church in childhood, I was not saved. At age 13, I began dabbling in Eastern meditation practices. At college, I majored in philosophy to study Eastern philosophy, especially Taoism and Buddhism. Eventually, I became involved in new age practices in my mid-thirties. But in September 2014, I was cornered and received Jesus as my Savior and Lord. On December 31, 2014, my wife Seya was saved. That day I was so grateful that I offered myself as a living sacrifice to God. That night, which was January 1, 2015, I had an encounter with God, who sang a song of joy over me.

Jesus Delivered Me from Fear and Baptized me in Holy Spirit

But then I adopted the Baptist, dispensationalist theology and avoided anything supernatural and spiritual because I was scared by the demonic due to my new age experience. It was a five-year-long battle over my mind between God and the devil that lasted until October 25, 2019. On that fateful day, in a mass outdoor prayer rally held in downtown Seoul, I heard a preacher speak of the baptism in Holy Spirit. Though I didn’t know much about it, I was so desperate to help save my country from destroying itself with communism and anti-Christianism, I cried out to God, “Please baptize me with Holy Spirit! I don’t care if I die! Let me help save my country!” Several hours into the next day, I kept crying out to God with tens of thousands of fellow Christians and suddenly found myself shouting in an unknown tongue. On October 26, 2019, I was baptized in Holy Spirit! But I felt no fire on me.

Jesus Baptized Me with Fire

In July and August 2020, I became convinced that the Lord was calling me to work for the salvation of North Korea. Upon reading about Rees Howells’ experience, I asked the Holy Spirit to fully possess me because I believed I absolutely needed full possession to work for North Koreans. On September 21, something happened to me, and I asked the Lord what happened. On September 22, I started reading Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Holy Spirit – Are We Flammable Or Fireproof? And I realized that I was baptized with fire.

A CfaN Email I Received on October 17

Upon reading Bonnke’s book, I could finally understand the virtue and logic behind mass crusade evangelism and decided to apply to the CfaN (Christ for All Nations) Evangelism Bootcamp on September 25. On October 6, I sent in my application. On October 16, I was interviewed by the CfaN faculty, and I received the acceptance email on October 17. Now I’m on the road to becoming an evangelist. Praise the Lord!

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