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My Spiritual Journey So Far


My Journey as an Artist

As an artist, my spiritual journey started when I started art in my early teens. In my journey as an artist, I wanted to reach the most beautiful, free, and the highest place possible in my spirit. When I was attending an art school in Chicago, I often visited lake Michigan and spent many hours alone because I loved being in nature. Then at some point, I had a revelation that the universe was created by a creator and the creator created this entire world with a tremendous amount of love. And I felt that there must be heaven, and I was pinned to the idea of “Heaven on earth” although I was a non-believer and had no knowledge about the bible at that time. I began to have different perspectives and senses. I was able to perceive nature differently, and I found some animals drawn to me. I wanted to escape from this human world and went to heaven.

Jesus Saved Me

As I searched for heavenly life, I fell into the new age movement. I became vegan, raw foodist, then fruitarian in searching for a life that I think deserves heaven. I married a like-minded man, Hacksun, and continued our dangerous journey. Finally we ended up in a life-or-death situation of sorts. Hacksun was led to research Jesus and the bible, then he was saved. After about two months, I was saved.

Jesus Baptized Me in Holy Spirit

Fast forward 5 years, I was baptized in Holy Spirit. I attended an outdoor prayer rally in Seoul. There I first heard about the baptism of Holy Spirit. Unlike my husband who received tongues that night, I had a time of weeping for a month. Then I received a mysterious text message on my phone. It was an invitation to a church for a select group of leaders. The text message was sent to me by mistake, but my husband and I felt led by the Spirit and went to the church. Then I received tongues while praying in the church. A few months later, fire fell on me. I said, “Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I give my life to you.” As soon as I finished these words, fire fell.

Holy Spirit Led Me to the School of Revival

After receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit, things have accelerated. Holy Spirit twitched my body as a sign to lead me to attend Dr. Jennifer Miskov’s online School of Revival (SOR). I was totally ignorant of what’s there, but I obeyed. In her school, I received so much revelation about myself and my destiny. I have had dreams, signs, wonders, healings, miracles, revelations… I even saw feathers fall in my home. Those signs signified Heaven is really being activated in my life. “Heaven on Earth,” which I once sought the wrong way, is being realized in a true form. Also, I found my paintings prophesy over my life and others’. Although I didn’t have any intention for that, Holy Spirit has worked through my artwork.

I’m continuing my journey with my husband. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I am so thankful that Jesus led me to Him. I am so thankful that I became His trophy.

Proverbs 19:21 NLT. You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.

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