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The Coming Second Greater North Korean Revival and the End of Communist Rule in China


A One-in-a-thousand-year Kind of Genius

In early 2019, months before I was baptized in Holy Spirit, I had a dream in which I first saw a sumptuous meal spread over the table before me. Then I saw the extravagant meal turn into the simplest snacks. I then saw me speaking with people in a room and then being chased after by communists in China and in North Korea. I then saw me fly away into an extremely shabby old bus and meet two boys. Then I hear me tell their parents, “The elder brother is a genius, a one-in-a-hundred-year kind of genius. But the younger one is a truly rare genius, a one-in-a-thousand-year kind of genius. We must pour out our everything into this younger boy. And I am going to pour out my everything into him.”

The Communist Toddler Faces Off the Boy Genius

I then saw a Vegas-like indoor arena filled with spectators including President Trump. I then saw a limelight shoot light at me and heard an announcer call my name. Dazzled and stunned, I hurriedly said, “No, it’s not me. It’s him!”

Then I saw the boy genius in a boxing ring, calmly facing a monstrously inflated communist Chinese toddler snarling at him. Then I saw the boy genius go behind his formidable opponent ten times his size and insert his finger into the rectum of the monstrous toddler, effortlessly deflating the huge toddler into a normal, cute boy. I then saw the normalized Chinese toddler with a big smile happily follow the boy genius.

My Interpretation

At the time, I couldn’t interpret the meaning of this dream. But the dream was so powerful that I could never forget it. So I just kept it in my heart. It was only in July 2020 that I began to understand what it meant. The following is my interpretation:

In 1907, the Holy Spirit took Pyongyang, present-day capital of North Korea, by storm. That year saw the gospel spread all over Korea like wildfire. This is known as the Pyongyang Revival or the Korean Revival of 1907. (This is represented by the elder brother in my dream.) In 1908, the fire spread over to Manchuria, and then to China. I believe God will do it again soon, but this time in a far greater measure. I believe God is going to open up North Korea to the gospel soon and the whole country will be turned upside down by the gospel. (This second, greater Korean revival is represented by the younger brother.)

I believe this second, greater Korean revival will have a global significance, to be keenly watched by all national leaders. (This is represented by the limelight, boxing ring, indoor arena, and international spectators including President Trump.) I also believe God will bless China mightily through the second, greater Korean revival, and a great awakening will sweep across the Chinese mainland. In the end, China shall be saved! (This is represented in my dream by the younger brother puncturing and deflating monstrous communist toddler into a normal, cute boy.)

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