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My Jesus who “deerly” loves me

Arise, my darling! Come quickly, my beloved.
Come and be the graceful gazelle with me.
Come be like a dancing deer with me.
We will dance in the high place of the sky,
yes, on the mountains of fragrant spice.
Forever we shall be united as one!

Song of Songs 8:14 TPT

In July 2020, I was watching a worship service of Philip Mantofa on YouTube and I had an image of Jesus on the cross. So, the next day in the afternoon, I drew Jesus on the cross with my digital painting tool, which is the painting you see below. 

Jesus on the Cross – Seya 2020

When I woke up the next day, I saw a vision of a deer drinking water (or about to drink water) from a small creek. I just saw the exact composition of the deer, land, and water, just like below.

A deer drinking water

It was a beautiful image, and I didn’t want to lose any detail. So I drew the image quickly. Everything you see in the painting are from the vision. I only added the tree. After drawing this, I took a nap because I became very tired.

As I fell asleep, in my vision, a real-size big deer came to me and kissed on my cheek. The deer moved around me and was friendly to me. I loved the deer and stroked his neck with my hand. I enjoyed the moment with this friendly deer a little bit. But then I thought “Am I making these up?” Then I woke up from my vision.

I regretted that I stopped my vision, because it was not my imagination. I prayed that I would see the deer again. After a while, I saw the back of the deer from meters away in my another vision, only once.

Two months later, at the end of September, my husband and I went outside to take a rest. There is a small creek near my house, so we went there.

Then, I saw a deer near the creek. The deer was just like the deer in my painting. I was stunned. It was like my painting coming alive. The deer was close enough but my dog chased the deer, so the deer ran away. I am living in a residential area, so seeing deer near my house is almost impossible. I live close to a city, and there are not many wild animals in this area.

I didn’t understand what these meant. Why did a deer come to me in my vision and then in reality?

Another thing is, on September 9th, I shared one of my paintings “Healing Each Other” for free, being led by the Lord, I believe.

After this, I had a chance to share the story of the deer and the deer painting with my friend Sandy. Then she sent this email:

Also, your picture reminded me of a dream I had 2 years ago in which my family and I were standing out in a field by a big tree like what you drew.  A storm was coming and a big majestic deer came out of the woods and spoke to me, “Well Done” and then the deer turned into a man and began to tell us about the storm.  However, when I woke up I did not remember what the deer said about the storm!

From the email of Sandy Bates, September 10th 2020

When I read the “Well done.” from her email, said by the deer who later turned into a human, I felt as if the “Well done.” was said to me, about my obedience to the Lord for sharing my painting for free. So I felt the Lord said that to me, and I got an insight that a deer can turn into a human.

Then sometime around 22nd or 23rd of October 2020, I wanted to read Song of Songs for some reason. I opened a Korean bible of King James Version. Then I found some verses about deer.

My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he strandeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.

Song of Solomon 2:9 KJV

Then, I figured out that the deer in my painting and in reality represents Jesus. At that time I was attending the School of Revival by Jennifer Miskov. Many divine encounters used to happen throughout the school. In the school I was learning that consecration is being in love with Jesus, and during one of sessions, I made up my mind that I want to live only for Jesus. I don’t exactly remember which was first, but I realized the deer was Jesus around these times. It was such a surprising revelation. Jesus came to me as a deer!

That’s not the end.

I made a stop-motion animation video as a creative expression for the School of Revival. There I included little bit of the story of the deer, and I wanted to add verses of the Song of Songs, so I opened the Bible App and used the last verses in the Song of Songs from the Passion Translation. This is my first time noticing red letters in the verses, but I didn’t pay attention to it, because I was busy making the video and had no time. This video was released in the school at the end of October.

In the beginning of November 2020, I wanted to read the Song of Songs again. So I opened up a Bible App and went to the Song of Songs in the Passion Translation.

This time, the verses in red letters really stood out. I didn’t know red letters could be in the Song of Songs. I thought red letters could be only in Books of Gospel and the Book of Revelations. And last time I read it on physical book of Passion Translation, there were no red letters in the book. So the red letters in the Song of Songs in Bible App interested me and I read them. 

I received a white card with red letters and numbers on it, in my dream in Sep. 21st.

As I read them, I suddenly remembered a dream I had in September 21st. On that day in my dream, I met Jesus, then somebody gave me a white card. On the card were red letters and some numbers. But I was unable to read what was written.

I instantly knew that the red letters in my dream are the red letters in Song of Songs!

What’s written in red letters in Song of Songs were amazing. He calls me his darling companion. He says I’m flawless. And the title of Song of Songs was Divine Romance. So in total, I concluded that Jesus invited me to be in divine romance with Him. 

This was very special to me, to be called flawless, a perfect companion, and darling. How much I used to think myself flaw-ful, unloved, and rejected? But this changed my world upside down. 

What’s amazing was that only Passion Translation has red letters on Song of Songs. I wondered about other translations and I checked them out. But none had red letters so far. This meant Jesus used the Passion Translation for His unique purpose.

I’ve shared this story in the School of Revival, and a friend Sharon Tuemmler gave me a comment like this:

“He loves you so “dearly”! See the word “dear” in “dearly!”

Sharon Tuemmler’s Facebook comment, Nov. 4th 2020

So this is a story of how Jesus came to me as a deer, and how I realized that Jesus loves me dearly and “deerly.”

I pray this story blessed you, in Jesus name.

Relevant Bible Verses

Song of Songs 4:7-15 TPT

Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling.

Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within.

Now you are ready, my bride,

to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together.

Come with me through the archway of trust.

We will look down

from the crest of the glistening mounts

and from the summit of our sublime sanctuary.

Together we will wage war

in the lion’s den and the leopard’s lair

as they watch nightly for their prey.

For you reach into my heart.

With one flash of your eyes I am undone by your love,

my beloved, my equal, my bride.

You leave me breathless—

I am overcome

by merely a glance from your worshiping eyes,

for you have stolen my heart.

I am held hostage by your love

and by the graces of righteousness shining upon you.

How satisfying to me, my equal, my bride.

Your love is my finest wine—intoxicating and thrilling.

And your sweet, perfumed praises—so exotic, so pleasing.

Your loving words are like the honeycomb to me;

your tongue releases milk and honey,

for I find the Promised Land flowing within you.

The fragrance of your worshiping love

surrounds you with scented robes of white.

My darling bride, my private paradise,

fastened to my heart.

A secret spring are you that no one else can have—

my bubbling fountain hidden from public view.

What a perfect partner to me now that I have you.

Your inward life is now sprouting, bringing forth fruit.

What a beautiful paradise unfolds within you.

When I’m near you, I smell aromas of the finest spice,

for many clusters of my exquisite fruit

now grow within your inner garden.

Here are the nine:

pomegranates of passion,

henna from heaven,

spikenard so sweet,

saffron shining,

fragrant calamus from the cross,

sacred cinnamon,

branches of scented woods,

myrrh, like tears from a tree,

and aloe as eagles ascending.

Your life flows into mine, pure as a garden spring.

A well of living water springs up from within you,

like a mountain brook flowing into my heart!

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