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Can a Painting Heal? – Marshay’s Testimony

This is a testimony of Marshay Price who received a painting “Healing Each Other” and experienced healing.

Marshay Price

Dec. 02. 2020

This is a testimony of healing, blessing, and God encounters. God surely does more than we ask or imagine. I did not imagine this.

As I am writing this, Holy Spirit is reminding me that I recieved healing power from this picture in so many ways! Not only in the first way that I had been thinking! And also, that this blessing was a part of the many blessings He poured out to me in just a few days time frame.

I recieved “Healing Each Other- A Heavenly Army” on Monday Nov 16, the week before Thanksgiving 2020.

A bit of context of the things God was doing in my life is that I didn’t have the money to go get a treatment that I had been getting for pain for about 3 months now. But, God provided a way and people blessed me with the money. This happened on the same day I recieved the painting.

Upon receiving this painting I could tell that it was very prophetic and I could feel the peace it brought. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this painting, there was such tender beauty in it. I was in love with it. I love art- God has gifted me with such a talent, but I have never recieved a painting before. I knew that this had power behind it.

You know, when you put decorations in your home, oftentimes you forget about them because when you’ve seen it a lot then you don’t notice it. But, this painting had my attention every day. This is not a painting to hide until you have a pretty place to put it. I knew I had to have it in my presence. I can tell the atmosphere of my room is different.

In addition, when I recieved this painting I had been suffering from insomnia for many weeks. God has always been faithful to heal this condition, but during certain seasons it will start to come back.

On Nov 18, suddenly my body started to go into a process of healing. I went to sleep right after sunset for the next few days and although my body had to roughly adjust eventually I was able to go to sleep at 6pm and actually sleep until 5am. I wanted to get out of the bed because I thought I was sleeping too much, but God had told me to rest.

On Nov 19, The Passion Translation sent a devotional in my email, and guess what! One of the lines from the devotional said, “Listen to what you need in the deepest part of your being. If you need rest, then rest. If you need fun, friendship, or adventure, then go enjoy yourself. If you need healing in your spirit, come to me.”

This was absolutely amazing seeing all of the miraculous things occurring one after another. If that wasn’t enough during that time I deal with chronic pain every month and 90% of the time it’s so severe that it’s debilitating. Well, the pain had come during this time, but it was so light it was almost as if I had a different body!

My mind is blown! God never ceases to amaze me or make me feel tired of His love. Just like a child, I am always in awe of what my Father does for me and all of His children.

Thank you sister and may God shine His face upon you and your home,


The painting is from a dream given to Kim Benson who has stewarded her dream for over 35 years. Seya Cha, who painted it, met her in the School of Revival by Dr. Jen Miskov in May 2020, and there Seya heard about Kim’s dream and decided to illustrate it. Jen Miskov prayed over Seya’s painting to have supernatural power, and Seya also prayed that her artwork would have power to bring heaven on earth.

In the early Nov. 2020, Marshay contacted Seya. And from their conversation Seya noticed that she needed to send the painting to Marshay. So Seya did. After receiving the painting, Marshay experienced healing from the painting and sent this gracious testimony.

Thanks to Marshay who is faithful and gives glory to God through this testimony. God will continue His work and finish healing on Marshay. God bless Marshay and those who read this testimony!

Who is Marshay?

Marshay is on a mission to bring life to those who have seen only brokenness and death. She has a yearning to see prisoners of mental bondage, broken circumstances, and enslaved hearts set free. Marshay has a heart for evangelism, the prophetic, and prayer. She believes with God, and in God, there are No barriers. No limits. She seeks to see radical healing brought to the nations.

Marshay is a life coach using her God given gifts to equip, empower, and expand leaders into their healing, freedom, and calling. Marshay considers herself a vessel for the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus in Wellness Eve Ministries, Springs of Living Water, and wherever God leads her.

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