Diary in Tanzania

Day 2 in Tanzania

Apr. 22nd. 2021

Today, which was the third day, there were two memorable events. First, I saw Jesus open the ears of the deaf and the mouths of the dumb. Second, I saw what appeared to be a 100% response to the altar call.

First, I prayed for three kids who could neither hear nor speak from birth. (Simon and I together prayed for one of them). The three kids eventually began to hear things and then to utter meaningful sounds. In total, Jesus opened the ears and the mouths of more than 10 persons, most of whom were saved before they were healed.

My fellow Bootcampers prayed for the wheelchair-bound, and three of them were set free. One of the kids could not walk on her own, but after Simon prayed for her, she began to walk alone and was so happy, as you can see from her video.

Second, at the 7th and the last place we visited, I preached the Gospel to about 450 teenagers. The day before, Seya and I separately prayed that 100% of the kids to whom I preach the gospel would respond to the altar call, and I saw the hands of all these kids go up at the first altar call. I almost could not believe my eyes. To me, this was the greater miracle than the deaf hearing or the dumb speaking. God really listens to our prayers! Jesus is faithful, and Jesus alone is worthy. What a wonderful name it is! The name of Jesus Christ my King!

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