Diary in Tanzania

Day 3 in Tanzania

Apr. 23rd. 2021

On April 23, we started doing village outreaches. I did the first message. It went well until I mistook the sign from my fellow Bootcampers and thought that my time was up. I immediately made the alter call, to which only three people responded. I hurriedly got off the stage. Only then did I realize that I still had 10 minutes left. Earlier, I had prayed that the Lord help us keep any soul that Father gave us. I felt I had made a stupid mistake, thereby losing souls Father gave us. I was beating myself up. Then I started to dance to the music being played in our van. I felt comforted. I was so thankful, I cried.

In the next village outreach, my colleague Femi delivered an excellent message, and many people responded to the altar call. I was so happy and thankful that I cried again. Father is faithful and good.

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