Diary in Tanzania

Day 4 in Tanzania

April 24th. 2021

On April 24, my throat was scratchy, and so I asked to start later. I did the message in the third outreach. It went well until I told a story and then preached the Gospel. Then I asked, “Who want to hear another story?” Then a group of ladies, who had been very attentively listening to the message, abruptly left. (They must have had things to do.) I was so taken aback, I was at a loss for words. I had hard time putting myself together. Finally, I started another story, after which I made the alter call. Only two men and about a dozen kids responded. I was devastated. This was exactly the opposite of what had happened yesterday. Yesterday, I made the alter call too early, and this time, too late. I realized that I need to be attentive to the audience always and make the alter call accordingly.

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