Deliverance Diary in Tanzania Healing

Day 5 in Tanzania

Apr. 26th. 2021

At the fish market, an old man approached me, asking for a prayer. At first, I didn’t know what the problem was. Tiffany standing next to me said, “Can’t you see? Look at all the syringes dangling from his tummy.”

Indeed, his tummy had three syringes inserted into it. He had a crutch because he was too infirm to carry himself around without it. He had a look of a dead man. I asked what the problem was. He couldn’t eat from the mouth because he had such a pain in his throat. So he had to put food directly into his stomach with the syringes. I prayed for him, but nothing happened.

I asked him if he had received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He had not. And so I asked him if he would receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, and he said yes. He prayed the prayer of salvation, and then I prayed again. Still, nothing happened. So I asked him if he had anyone to forgive. He said yes. I told him that because Jesus forgave you, you must forgive the one whom you have not forgiven, too. He did, and I prayed again. I commanded the evil spirit to leave his neck, and he made some strange sounds, and a large quantity of saliva began to come out of his mouth. I asked him his condition, and he said he still have some pain remaining in his throat. I prayed again, and he said that there was no pain anymore.

The old man began to dance to the music. He looked so content, he didn’t look like the man he was minutes ago. He zipped up his jumper and kept dancing until we stopped the music. Praise the Lord Jesus for this healing!

*Youtube Video of this testimony

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