Diary in Tanzania

Day 9 in Tanzania

In a marketplace, after praying for the sick, we made the final alter call just before we left that place. I saw a lady raising her hand in the middle of the market. I went there and asked her if she would receive Jesus. She seemed to say yes. So I went back where our gospel truck was and fetched an interpreter to get back to the lady. I asked her again and she said yes. So I led her with the prayer of salvation. I asked her if it was okay to take a picture of her. She had such a happy smile on her face.

The lady was selling dyed clothes, similar to Lydia of Thyatira. Who knows if the lady would become as faithful and influential as Lydia? This taught me a lesson that we must always remain vigilant to see if there is anyone responding to the gospel no matter how far he or she is from us.

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