Diary in Tanzania

Day 10 in Tanzania

May 1st. 2021

In a truck outreach, I preached the Gospel to about 30 people. There were three teenaged girls listening to the story, and when the story was finished, they started to leave. The other day I had a painful experience of helplessly watching a group of young ladies leave before I made the alter call. But this time I shouted out to the girls, “Please don’t leave. God is calling you now! You must stay here and keep listening.” Then they stopped leaving and stayed, smiling. Then I preached the Gospel and made the altar call. I kept looking at the girls, they raised their hands and received Jesus along with several others.

After a fellow Bootcamper prayed for the sick, our team captain approached a group of guys who were playing a card game near our stage. He briefly made an altar call, but no one responded. I approached them and briefly preached the Gospel again and exhorted them to respond. Eventually, two raised their hands as if they were giving in and raising a white flag of surrender. Then one man stood up and asked others to stand up, and most of the other men, about 8 in total, stood up and received Jesus. Hallelujah!

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