Diary in Tanzania

Day 12 in Tanzania

May 4th. 2021

At Nyegeze Bus Station, I saw a boy whose left eye was closed. He had a stick in his hand and was having a squabble with another boy. He then passed right before me and looked at me for a few seconds. His right eye was filled with anger and distrust. I wanted to pray for him, but he quickly disappeared out of my sight.

I asked Pierre, a dancer, to find the young boy together, but we couldn’t find him. After we came back to the stage, we found him near the stage. He quickly moved away from the stage. I went after him and asked his name. His name was Hussein. Pierre told me Hussein was living on the street alone, without anyone caring for him. I asked Hussein if he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said no, and so I shared the Gospel with him. I asked him if he would receive Jesus, and he said yes. I led him with the prayer of salvation. I then told him about the Holy Spirit and asked if he wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. He said yes, and I led him with the prayer to the Holy Spirit.

I asked Hussein if I could hug him, but he said no. I knelt before him and placed my right hand on his chest and my head upon my hand. I kept saying, “Yesu anakupenda,” meaning “Jesus loves you.” I cried a lot. He was standing before me, not moving. After some minutes, I let him go, telling him that I would come back in a couple of months. Before Hussein went away, he said, “Assante,” meaning “Thank you.” His facial expression softened a lot. Praise the Lord Jesus for His infinite Love for us!

(*The featured photo is not of the boy in this story. The same day, another boy called Juma was healed from his chest pain and received Jesus as his savior and lord.)

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