Diary in Tanzania

Day 14 in Tanzania

May 6th. 2021

Today is a very memorable day for me. At noon, we got on the bus and left for the market in Dar Es Saalam. On our way there, we stopped by at a mall. On the fourth floor, I shared the Gospel with three men, who turned out to be Muslims. They were not receptive to the Gospel. They kept asking me questions about my job, my income source, where I am staying now, and how long I would be staying here as a missionary, saying, “You are in this for money!”

On my way down, a man with a Muslim hat on said hi to me, trying to invite me in to his barber shop. I shared the Gospel with him. The man was friendly, smiling and nodding, but he did not receive Jesus. But he led me to four young Muslim ladies sitting in front of his barber shop and asked me to share the Gospel with them! He even volunteered to interpret for me so that I could share the Gospel with them. One of them said she was a Muslim, and I said it does not matter. As I had told the man before, I told her that this is not a religion but having a personal relationship with Jesus. The man said they wanted to be married. The young ladies asked me to bless them to meet a good husband. I blessed them in Jesus name and prayed for them.

I went upstairs to my fellow Bootcampers but soon afterward I wanted to go downstairs to meet the young ladies again. I met two of them again and asked one of them if she wanted to receive Jesus into her heart. Without hesitation, she said yes! I led her to Jesus with the prayer of salvation. Then I asked another lady if she wanted to receive Jesus, and she said yes, too! I translated the prayer of salvation into Swahili and asked her to read it, which she promptly did.

After this, our team arrived at the market. Together with Tim and Jumoke, I shared the Gospel with about ten men sitting in the alley. Six of them received Jesus! Praise the Lord!

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