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Tim & Dutch Sheet Conference

Tim Sheet & Dutch Sheet – Flames of Revival Conference Jun 24-26
Kingdom Gate Worship Center | Satellite Beach, Florida

The first day, as soon as the powerful worship started, I began to weep. I am not an all time weeper, so this meant His presence was strong enough for me. I felt our Father’s love and warm heart. I felt that He loves His children so much that He works in agreement with them. The American Christians have an image of Jesus, they have sacrificed a lot for the rest of the world. He will listen to them to rule the rest of the world. Also, He will keep USA safe. – This is what I felt during the worship.

Then Tim Sheet started preaching. I don’t remember most of his speech, but I remember the presence of angels. Hacksun felt the fire of angels much stronger than I did. Tim Sheet said, there came a plumb line angel. The plumb line angel doesn’t show up everyday, but the first and last time he saw the angel was several years ago. Also, he said there was an open heaven for launching pads. Actually the location of the conference was Satellite Beach where they used to launch satellites.

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The second day, Tim Sheet’s speech was powerful. Especially I was impressed by his words about Humanism.

“Humanism is a religion, and I’ll show you that in a moment.
It is sometimes called progressivism, sometimes liberalism, sometimes democratic socialism, sometimes wokeness and in general politically correct way. These are
sterilized words replacing nazism, marxism, and communism.
They are subtle words that seem safe.
Humanism seeks to displace Jehovah God in a culture promoting anti-Christ beliefs and promotes progressive government in place of God’s ways.”

Tim Sheet

We are Koreans deeply caring about the future of USA. Having seen a half of my country under a criminal’s hand, Kim Jong-un, we don’t want the USA to be in the wrong hands. US is a city on a hill. It should not and shall not collapse.

The second session of Tim Sheet:

26th of June, the last day of the conference, Dutch Sheet shared someone’s dreams about the coming revival in the US. The story was full of “Lion of Judah”. Interestingly, we were both wearing “Lion of Judah” jackets, without knowing what he’s going to preach.

Maybe because the impartation was so strong, I fell asleep. As I fell asleep, I saw several visions. One of them was a silvery flat floor with some patterns, the other is that I was with a girl I know. A day later, I took an Uber taxi which was a pickup truck. The backside of the truck was the silvery plate with patterns that I saw in my vision. Then the next day, I unexpectedly met the girl that I saw in my vision.

Here is Dutch Sheet’s last session:

We felt empowered all throughout the session.

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