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Kevin Zadai’s Spirit School & The Send pre-rally by Lou Engle

I first saw Kevin Zadai from a Korean Youtube channel in the middle of 2019. They translated and introduced a clip of Sid Roth where Kevin Zadai talked about angels working in Pentagon. It was late 2019 and I was not baptized with Holy Spirit yet. It was my first time ever seen someone seriously talking about angels in the TV show. It was very interesting but I was not sure if those angel stories were truly true.

And soon after, I was baptized with Holy Spirit on December 2019. I started watching more of Kevin Zadai’s Youtube videos, especially the series of “The Secret Place”. He died during the dental surgery and met Jesus. During the time with Jesus, he learned a lot from Jesus and came back to lead others to live a supernatural life.

So I was drawn to this minister and learned things even though I didn’t really understand both the contents and English. Still, it changed my perception on Christianity and I experienced very uncommon things. One time, I was healed while sleeping and listening Kevin Zadai’s Youtube videos, when I got flu.

A giving minister who prays for people who will attend his conference

So, in 2021, God gave us a chance to physically attend one of his conferences in Conroe, Texas. Thank you Father.

The conference started July 30th. But Hacksun and I both felt sleepy from July 29th because of impartation. We both sensed that Kevin prayed over people who were going to attend the conference. He was that diligent. I felt that sleepiness all throughout conference until August 1st.

I was impressed by that Kevin Zadai was very giving. Although the conference was free, all the several hundreds people in the conference received study guide books and prayer clothes. All people who came to Jesus during the conference received $100 each. Many kids received instruments such as violin and guitar. He played flute and cello by himself along with other worship leaders. It was all about giving, just like Jesus!

Heavenly impartation and God answering my question

During the conference, God gave me answers for my old questions.

I have been wondering how heaven can be a heaven if I will be aware of the fact that some people I know are in hell. Kevin said that in heaven, there is no reference point to remember anything bad. No reference point, therefore no bad memory.

The second day, Kevin went for four sessions. Between the sessions I fell asleep in our rented car. God showed me a vision and answered a question that I have had about visual patterns. I have been wondering the meaning of visual patterns in wallpapers and garments, etc. I wondered if those visually beautiful patterns also have any meaning other than being beautiful on eyes. In the car during the sleep, God taught me that those visual patterns were used to impart heaven in the earth; those patterns resist demonic power and bring heavenly impartation.

Pre-rally of The Send

In the evening of the same day, we headed to Inspire Church to attend a pre-rally of “The Send” where Lou Engle was the speaker. He shared his dreams and his passion and calling for revival.

But what was meaningful to me was the vision I saw at the end of the service. In the ending worship, I saw a Latin American baby being put on my arms. Moreover, I felt the soft skin of the baby. Having none of my own, I had a feeling of having my own for the first time in my life, although it was from a vision. I was planning to go to Mexico for the next destination, so it made sense. The worship team sung the final worship song in Spanish!

This was our final schedule in the US. Just like the title of this conference, The Send, we were sent to Mexico after this!

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