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At the Azusa Street, Holy Spirit gave me a dream

Jul. 26th, Hacksun and I went to Azusa St, the revival site. Strange thing is, I didn’t think much about it, so I forgot the fact that the actual building that the revival took place was gone.

So we drove to downtown LA, parked the car in a parking building, and passed through many homeless people, and arrived at the Azusa St. Well, right before I arrived, I was able to recall the fact that the original building doesn’t exist.

So we found the signpost that says “Azusa St.” “Azusa St. Mission, etc”. There was a white building instead of the original. It seemed the building was vacant – I found no activity. (Not sure if it’s really vacant, though.) We walked around the building and Hacksun said he felt something of Holy Spirit.

So at the spot Hacksun felt something, we prayed. I don’t remember what I prayed, but I suppose that my prayer was about “Do it again! Do it again in this place, in America, and do it in our lives. Let us experience the same and the greater.”

We also prayed right at the signpost, too. Then we came back to our airbnb.

The next morning, I had a dream.

In my dream, a Korean pianist Seongjin Cho was near me.

All the sudden he hugged me from behind, so sudden and strong. In my dream, I admired Seongjin Cho so much so I was stunned in positive way.

Seongjin Cho started talking to me.

“I have concerts. Can you play piano for advertisement between my concert?”

I was excited beyond words, it was like an nameless actress being scouted for a movie that all the renowned actor/actress are in and success is guaranteed. I felt that this is the super exciting promotion for me. I felt as if I was waiting for this to happen.

So I said “YES!!! Of course!”

Then I thought by myself, “Wait a minute, can I play piano at all?…. Well, I don’t know but maybe I can do that.”

That was the end of my dream.

In reality I can play piano like “Twinkle twinkle little star” but nothing more difficult than that. In reality I am a big fan of Seongjin Cho, but not that degree of admiring him. I admire his playing, not him.

Here I have to introduce Holy Spirit as a pianist.

Holy Spirit as a pianist

Holy Spirit appeared to me as a pianist, several times.

In my vision from 2020, someone was playing piano in heaven, and somehow I figured out that He was Holy Spirit. In another vision of my husband, He also played piano and showed some artworks like of Kandinski’s at the same time. One day in Aug. 2021, I listened to Seongjin Cho’s thunderous playing of Chopin Etude, so many times. And that night in my vision Holy Spirit let me know that He was the pianist, and at the same time there was literally thunderous rain outpouring where I live. When this happened He showed me a vision of a woman’s shoes.

Back in early 2020, I was listening to Seongjin Cho’s piano and felt powdery things coming down from heaven. It was so good. It was such a good feeling.

So, somehow, Holy Spirit is a pianist to me. Then, there is an evidence from Azusa Revival. In the Azusa Street Revival, a woman who never knew how to play got up and played piano, by the power of Holy Spirit. This happened other ministers, too. Joshua Mills is a good example: his piano teacher gave up on him, but Holy Spirit taught him how to play piano.

I don’t really know what this dream means, but I believe God will do what He decided to do.

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