2021 part 1 Report

2021 Glory Report (part. 1)

The year 2021 has been beyond imagination. Here’s how Lord led us from January to September 2021. – Published Sep. 14th 2021. Hacksun & Seya


  • 10,000 Soul Harvest in Tanzania
  • Graduated from CfaN Bootcamp
  • Graduated from School of Revival
  • Leaving home to follow Jesus
  • 400 Deer Fans/Cards with Salvation Prayer distributed
  • Ministry Trip to the US
  • Many Signs and Wonders during the US trip
  • Youtube – over 10,000 views of “Salvation Prayer for those on the deathbed”
  • Relocated to Mexico
  • Opening a T-shirts Shop and distributing designs for free

10,000 Soul Harvest in Tanzania

2021 Apr.-May CfaN Bootcamp Trip

Hacksun went to Tanzania as a part of the CfaN Bootcamp training. During three weeks, about 10,000 kids came to Jesus through his preaching, and over 30,000 kids through his team. We’ve been praying for 10,000 souls during this trip and God answered our prayers! Kids are so ready to receive Jesus.

There were many cases of healing, too. Many deaf/blinds kids were healed. A man with a syringe inserted into his stomach was healed and danced with joy. Find out his video here:

Hacksun wrote daily reports during his time in Tanzania. Read his diary in Tanzania.

Graduated from CfaN Bootcamp

May 15, Hacksun graduated from Evangelism Bootcamp by Christ for all Nations (CfaN).

CfaN was established by Reinhard Bonke who led over seventy million souls to Jesus in the African continent over four decades. Daniel Kolenda received the baton of Reinhard Bonke in 2008. So far, over eighty millions came to Jesus through CfaN.

CfaN Bootcamp training program is to raise evangelists for mass crusades. This intensive training was from Jan 26 to May 10th. Hacksun received a harvester ring after he graduated from the Bootcamp. 

Watch the 2021 graduation on Youtube

Graduated from School of Revival

In May 2021, Hacksun and Seya both graduated from School of Revival by Jennifer Miskov. We first joined this school in May 2020 by the powerful nudging of Holy Spirit, then we learned from this school for a year through online. Jennifer Miskov is a revival historian ordained by Heidi Baker. In the school, we learned about revival history and powerful ministers of Holy Spirit. This school was not only about learning. Our lives were transformed as Holy Spirit encountered us mightily in the school.

When students prayed in the zoom meetings, prophecies, visions, deliverance, healings, and so much more took place, so we called it “Upper Zoom room”.

We both grew so much through this school. Special thanks to Jennifer Miskov and all the SOR friends!

Leaving home to follow Jesus

We sold/gave away almost everything we had in Korea to go wherever God leads us. It was hard to say goodbye to our pets and family, but we keep finding that God’s plan is much greater than we can imagine. His reward is greater than we can ask.

A testimony related to this: Dropping my bunny for Jesus

400 Deer Fans/Cards with Salvation Prayer distributed

Salvation prayer distributed to people in the street and many souls we never met

I sold many items on an online flea market. Whenever I shipped an item, I included the deer card in the package. Deer card has a salvation prayer and bible verses inside. Distributing these cards to many unknown souls was an act of sowing, that I cannot know about harvest. Only God will know.

There was offline distribution and soul-winning, though. One day a woman contacted me and came to my house to buy my vacuum cleaner. I gave the deer card and shared the behind story. Then she received Jesus.

Behind story of the Deer painting.

*If you want to use the deer card, download the files here for free.

We sent 300 plastic fans to a ministry that has been helping homeless people (called “Pray for You” 프레이포유). They are distributing food to and pray with 700 homeless people almost daily. They distributed those fans to the people during July. In the fan is deer painting in the front, and salvation prayer in the back. My hope was that those homeless people who receive the fan come to Jesus.

Korea is very hot during the summer (Jul.-Aug.). We hope these fans help not only to cool the weather, but to quench the thirst of their spirit with the living water of Jesus.

Ministry Trip to the US

From late June to Aug. 3 – following a dream

In 2020, Hacksun had a dream of entering a building. In his dream he entered the building through a narrow entrance. As he turn his body to the left, his bible was set on fire, and he went about here and there inside the building. The shape of the building turned out to resemble the shape of the land of the US. Just likein the dream, we started from Orlando, FL, then moved to Atlanta, Augusta, Kentucky, and then turn to the west to Nashville, LA, and Houston. We joined conferences and a revival camp meeting, revival site, prayer meetings, met friends and ministers.

Where we went to: (click the link to read the detailed story. More stories coming)

  1. Tim & Dutch Sheet Conference at the Kingdom Gate Worship Center, Satellite Beach, FL Jun. 23-26
  2. Nations Church, Jun. 27. we met Courtney Goodwin and her family.
  3. McDonough, GA to meet Sandy Bates and her family Jul. 6-8, 12-14
  4. Augusta, GA to attend a healing conference by a Korean healing evangelist John Sang Won at the Korean Methodist Church, and visit Korean War Memorial Jul. 9-11 
  5. Nicholasville, KY to join Kentucky Camp Meeting by Saturate Global. Jul. 15-19. Lakisha Toussant was with us all throughout the event.
  6. Nashville, KY to visit Grace Community Jul. 21-22
  7. Los Angeles, CA to visit Gabby Heusser’s family, encounter service by David Hernandez, Azusa Street revival site, Salt Church, and Prayer meeting Jul. 23-29
  8. Houston, TX, to attend the Texas Spirit School of Kevin Zadai, The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center, Conroe, TX . Attended the pre-rally of “The Send” that hosted Lou Engle, Inspire Church, Houston, TX  Jul.30 – Aug.3  

It was time of restoration, recharge, and reorientation which we’re so thankful for Father and people who spent time with us.

Many Signs and Wonders during the US trip

During the trip, we found many mysterious signs. God was telling us something. Found out mysterious signs and help us to understand.

  1. BLT (Bear, Lion, Tiger) -images of two lost members
  2. Meeting three mothers of Caleb/Kaleb in a row
  3. Follow the bunny

Youtube – over 10,000 views of “Salvation Prayer for those on the deathbed”

Seya published “Salvation Prayer for those on the deathbeds” on our channel Winners’ Boat on Jul. 2. 2020. It didn’t have much response in the beginning. However, in 2021, there has been growing number of Covid positive in South Korea. Then this video was viewed more and more. Now the total view count is over 10,000. (Sep.14. 2021) Many of them find this video by searching “salvation prayer”. We expect many of them came to Jesus, although only God knows the exact number.

Relocated to Mexico

In 2020, God gave Hacksun a dream that God is calling us to Dominican Republic. We thought it was Dominican Republic, so we pursued that direction. We met several key people as we search for a way to go to Dominican Republic, and then we were directed to Mexico and connected to a ministry, miraculously. During this journey we experienced a special touch of God many times which we’re so thankful.

We came to Mexico on Aug. 4th and are preparing our mission here. So far, we’ve evangelized several Uber drivers and they came to Jesus. We expect there will be a mighty outpouring of Holy Spirit in Mexico.

Opening a T-shirts Shop for Christians

On Sep. 9th, Seya opened a T-shirts store Winners Shop for Christians, especially for revivalists, evangelists, and those who love Jesus.

In the t-shirts designs Seya included key messages from the Welsh Revival; Florrie Evans’s confession “I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart” that sparked the Welsh Revival, and Evan Roberts’ prayer “Send the spirit now powerfully… for the Jesus Christ’s sake.”

Messages on T-shirts can be powerful, and it can be a great opportunity to open up others’ hearts. I pray and expect many people will be led to Jesus as they see what’s written on the t-shirts.

*These T-shirts designs are available for free download. Whoever want these designs can use them for their ministry.

Thank you for sowing into us

Thank you for your support!

During our time in the US, many people supported us through finances, buying meals, buying stuff, booking hotels, giving us rides, providing place to sleep, prayer, and spending time with us.

We are really, truly thankful for you all who have a heart of Jesus.

We’re in Mexico now for another chapter of His story. We appreciate your support in prayer and friendship.

God’s story to be continued..

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