Diary in Mexico

An old man waiting for us to pray for him

September 27th, 2021

We go to grocery store once a week, because the cleaning lady comes once a week to clean the airbnb we’re staying now.

Yesterday before we left, we asked God to send some people who need Jesus.

We went to the supermarket, finished shopping groceries, and got out. There were three benches in the lounge and there sat a small old man. We both felt like sharing the Gospel, so we approached him and gave my deer card.

He welcomed the card, but when Hacksun started talking, the old man made gestures that he could neither hear or talk.

I believe I’ve lived a life in a greenhouse because I haven’t seen any deaf and dumb in my life. To me they were only in screens.

While I was making my mind to pray for healing, Hacksun took his phone and showed the written gospel and shared the sinners prayer. We don’t know if he was already believer, but the old man was very receiving.

Then when I reached out my hands to pray for him, the old man grasped my both hands. He was so ready! So I did what I have seen from all the YouTube videos. I command the deaf+dumb spirit to leave in Jesus name and prayed for healing. I was like yelling all the time without caring about other people.

Then Hacksun also prayed for his healing. I was praying in tongue loudly while he was praying and commanded demons to leave.

Then Hacksun was reminded of the fact that we called a Uber taxi and it’s about time for the taxi to arrive. So we left the old man to take taxi. I blessed him and gave him a hug. His eyes were telling me thanks and I finally did something like hi-five in a way Mexicans do.

They do this. 🤜🤛

We didn’t see his healing but it was obvious that God sent the old man, and he was on the bench waiting for us to share gospel and to pray for him.

On our way back home in the taxi, Hacksun also shared The Gospel to the driver. The drive received Jesus. Hallelujah! But when Hacksun asked him if he would receive Holy Sprit, the driver was hesitant. Hacksun explained to him in a semblance of Spanish that Holy Spirit is a must in order to resist the devil. In the end, he received Holy Spirit, too! I gave him my deer card, which he liked.

Glory to Lord! I felt so alive!

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