Diary in Mexico

Winning 12 souls in a small market

We moved in to our place in a mission compound just two days ago, and until today, we didn’t realize our house was strategically located in the middle of a harvest field. Today, Saturday, when we woke up a little late, we found that there were clothes and trucks all around the fence of our compound. People were setting up a market, which is held every Saturday.

So we decided to do some soul winning on our way to a restaurant for lunch.

We got out, and as we walked, Hacksun found a family of four. We approached them and started sharing the Gospel. They all came to Jesus. The father was so sincere.


When we left the family, a man with a cart of snacks was looking at us. I felt I was being led to him and asked Hacksun to go to him.

His name is Carlos. I don’t know if I was correct, but I felt a life-long hurt in his heart. When Hacksun finished sharing the Gospel and asked him to receive Jesus, he said yes. However, when Hacksun asked him to read the sinner’s prayer out loud, Carlos said he couldn’t read the prayer. (He was illiterate.) So Hacksun read it first and Carlos followed after him in praying the prayer. Carlos also said yes to Holy Spirit and received Holy Spirit, and I prayed for him. I was so moved that Jesus finally found Carlos and saved him, after all his hard life. I almost cried when praying. (I tried hard not to cry because I didn’t want to embarrass him.)

Jacquelin and Alberto

Then we went to a restaurant, where we found a couple, Jacquelin and Alberto. They came to Jesus.

We came back home to take a rest. After some time, we again got out and started sharing the Gospel with some people. Three didn’t receive Jesus, but most of them came to Jesus.


Nancy, who was selling used clothes, was wrapping up her goods. We approached her, but she was busy. Hacksun helped her to wrap things up. When we asked her if she was a Christian, she said no, but she believed in the existence of God. Then under the shadow we shared the Gospel, and Nancy was so receptive and received Jesus.


Rafael, who was also selling clothes and shoes, almost finished wrapping things up, and we went to the other side of the road where there was a bit of shadow. Rafael was so ready to receive Jesus. He was very serious, and it seemed he had been waiting for the Lord to find him. We blessed him with a prayer and left.

We then approached two older ladies who were also packing things up. After we shared the Gospel with them, they said they already believed in Jesus Christ.


Next was Angelica. She was with her family–mother, father, sister, and children. Angelica somehow was looking at us with interest, and we shared the Gospel with Angelica and her sister. Angelica kept listening to the Gospel, but her sister went away in the middle of our sharing. After hearing the Gospel, Angelica came to Jesus. Praise the Lord!

We also shared the Gospel with her father, but when we asked him to pray the sinner’s prayer, he said he had to go.

Next, it was Abigail, who was selling vegetables and fruits. We bought grapes, and all the other vegetables. She also readily received Jesus.


Cecilia was maybe Abigail’s family. She was so receptive and happy to receive Jesus. When we were praying for her, she held our hands firmly and sincerely. I felt her hand slightly tremble as if she felt the presence of God.

To sum up, a total of twelve people came to Jesus today in the market. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus for your precious blood and mighty work! Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us and moving the hearts of the people!

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