Diary in Mexico

Miracles of smiles on deadened faces

On October 10th 2021, Sunday, God gave me several opportunities to pray for the sick, physically and emotionally. I learned that smiling on one’s face needed a miracle.

I sat on my chair in the church. Soon a grandma and a grandpa entered. They both were relying on walkers to move around. I instantly had a heart for them. I wanted to pray for them. But I was not sure if my prayer would work. I asked myself “Is my faith big enough to pray for them?” My answer was “I am not sure. Maybe not.”

So, during the worship, I prayed. “Lord, give me faith! Give me some faith that they will be healed if I pray for them.”

Several minutes passed after that. Suddenly I felt electricity fell on me. My body was shaken slightly. I wondered what that was, because I already forgot what I prayed several minutes ago.

Soon, I realized that I had the faith that God will heal them if I pray. So during the worship, I made up my mind to pray for them.

Today the pastor talked about miracles and healing. Wow, I considered his message was a confirmation from God.

The serviced ended. I went to the grandmother right away and asked her if I can pray for her. She suddenly broke into tears and said hallelujah, as if she has been waiting for this.

So Hacksun and I both grasped the grandma’s knees and began to pray. I prayed every prayer I could, and said every sentence I can make. Then I went to the grandpa and did the same. They didn’t test themselves, so we don’t know if they were healed. They were thankful, and so did I.

After lunch, we got out to walk around a market. We found an old man, Pascuan, with a bike. We shared the Gospel and he said Amen at the end. It seemed he was accepting Jesus. But when Hacksun asked him to pray the sinner’s prayer, the old man said no. We asked why, then the man said that he was tired of God.


I suppose that he believed that God did bad things to his life. I know that the enemy does bad things and makes people believe that God did those. So I asked him if I can pray for him and he said yes, although I expected no from him. So I began to pray and asked God to heal his heart from anger and confusion. I prayed and declared that he would finally believe in and love Jesus. I prayed quite a lot for a long time. When I opened my eyes and saw this man. His face was much softer and he gave Hacksun a 100 peso bill. We said we’re not doing this for money but he insisted us to receive, so we received the 100 peso bill.

Right after that we saw a woman, Carmen, whose face looked very unhappy and hopeless. Her body looked very heavy, not because of her weight, but because of her emotions that manifested in her body. We shared the Gospel with her, and she accepted Jesus. She prayed the sinner’s prayer and received the Holy Spirit. During all this process, she never smiled. Her facial expression looked dead. I became a bit concerned. I asked if I can pray for her, and she said yes. I prayed for her. I asked God to heal her heart and body. I could feel that she went through all the bad things that the enemy has planned, and her heart was filled with bitterness. I asked Lord to heal her heart and declared that she will be happy again. To me it was like raising the dead, not from the physical death but the emotional death.

After my prayer, I opened  my eyes and her face looked a bit softer. When I asked her to take a photo, she said yes and she smiled. That made me so happy! We gave her the 100 peso bill we had just received from Pascuan. She received it with thankfulness.

It seemed today was appointed for those whose facial expressions were as dead as a rock. Next was a couple, a grandpa and a grandma, whose faces were so unhappy and hopeless. After sharing the Gospel, I prayed for them. I asked God to return their smile and solve every problem in their lives. After my prayer, they smiled!! I felt God was answering my prayer.

Then we met Rosa. She was today’s highlight.

I found a grandma in a van. She was waiting for the other family members to pack up clothes and stuff. Her body looked so heavy and ill, and her face looked like a grave. When we shared the Gospel with her, her face and body didn’t move. I was able to see only her eyes moved a little bit. There was absolutely no facial expression. She didn’t even move her finger. When we asked if she’d like to receive Jesus, she nodded her head a little bit. However, she was not willing to pray the sinner’s prayer, because she was in such despair. So Hacksun prayed the sinner’s prayer for her and she said yes for that. Then I asked her if I could pray for her, and she nodded slightly again.

When I opened my eyes, wow, she was smiling at me! She was smiling like a flower. I knew it was God!! A dead rock turned into a flower!

I didn’t see anyone got physically healed. But I learned that the smile on their faces is also the evidence of their hearts being healed by God.

I came back home and was so tired after many prayers. I slept like a log for hours.

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