Diary in Mexico

God’s arrangement of time and events

Oct. 11th 2021

Not a day passes without God.

At 7:30 am, we headed for a private school in this town with a church member. She is an English teacher of the school. She asked us to teach English for their students and we said yes.

In a taxi on our way to the school, Hacksun shared the Gospel with Carlos, the driver. Carlos, apparently in his sixties, was ready and received Jesus with sincerity and reverence. I prayed for him. It was a wonderful moment.

We entered the school after applying anti-virus gels on our hands and being sprayed over our bodies. At the school, Hacksun taught English and some Korean alphabets. It was great to see small kids just follow our teaching. However, what was meaningful for us was the fact that we were invited to do something to Mexican kids because we want to do kids crusades in Mexico as soon as possible.

Well, was it a prophetic action? Several kids came to Hacksun and touched and asked about the evangelism cube hanging on his belt. We considered this a sign that kids were waiting for us to share the Gospel. We believe God will open doors, and we will lead countless kids to Jesus.

After we came back home, we went out for lunch. In the restaurant, we ordered four dishes, two to eat there and two to go for dinner. Then we waited for a while until the food was ready.

While we’re talking to each other, two boys came through the entrance with large bags of vegetables, potatoes, pimentos, cabbages, etc. They must be delivery boys, both around 13-15 years of age. My heart was focused on them as soon as they entered.

So I asked Hacksun to share the Gospel with the boys. Unfortunately, Hacksun forgot to bring his phone that he used for evangelism. Our Spanish is not so good yet, so we read the written Gospel on the phone while showing it to people. Without the phone, Hacksun started sharing the Gospel anyway, showing the Evangecube and speaking Spanish as best as he could.

Thankfully and miraculously, a native Mexican friend, Juan, came to the restaurant. Juan was watching what we’re doing behind us, and we asked him to help us with Spanish. Juan understood little bit of English and was able to help translate several key sentences into Spanish. I believe that Juan was a divine dispatch of God. When Hacksun asked if they want to receive Jesus, two boys said yes.

I had the Spanish version of the salvation prayer on my phone. So they read the prayer with their lips and were saved by Jesus. Hacksun was so moved by their salvation and almost cried. I also felt God’s touch. Hacksun hugged each of them. I prayed for them and blessed them in Jesus name.

On our way back home, we found a man leaning on his car. He was maybe a construction worker dealing with raw materials, because his clothes were all covered with dirt and dust. We shared the Gospel, and it seemed he knew about the Gospel. Still, he prayed the salvation prayer and the prayer to receive the Holy Spirit. I prayed for him and we left.

We came to Mexico because God led us here with dreams, visions, and signs. Then a few weeks ago other Bootcamp graduates from CfaN started coming or planning to come to Mexico. This morning, Hacksun received a message that another Bootcamp graduate is coming to Mexico in a week. All of them are coming to Mexico because they believe God is leading them here and God is doing something wonderful here. It is obvious God is moving and revival is coming to Mexico. Hallelujah!

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