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Outreach Report–a supernatural increase in harvest

God is giving us an increase in harvest. I learned that the increase is not by our might, no by our power, but by God’s Spirit.

During the week, we didn’t really go out, so ten souls were saved. But in the weekend, God gave us an increase in such an amazing way.

It started from Saturday. We went to a local restaurant for lunch. We ordered our meals and waited for them. Then two female police officers came in. We decided to share the Gospel and approached them. Hacksun started sharing the Gospel. When Hacksun asked them to follow the salvation prayer, one woman was positive, but the other woman seemed to be hesitant. When they were repeating after our prayers, two male police officers came in to join them.

Surprisingly, one of the male officers was so excited about reading out loud the salvation prayer. He read the salvation prayer out loud with joy and changed the atmosphere from seriousness into excitement! Everyone smiled!

Because the two men didn’t hear the Gospel message, Hacksun started sharing the Gospel from the very beginning, and all of them repeated the salvation prayer out loud! This time, the woman who once was hesitant repeated after the salvation prayer well. They all prayed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, happily and joyfully. It was such a grand finale.

So, we tried to win two souls, but it became four. Something like this happened on Sunday over and over at the street market and a mart.

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On Sunday, the first woman who came to Jesus was Theo. At first, she was a bit slow to respond but she did receive Jesus. She lacked facial expressions, but when we asked her to take a picture together, she made a beautiful smile.

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The next souls were Juanis and Lesli. God started giving us an increase. I was going to share the Gospel with Lesli alone, and Hacksun was going to share the Gospel with a woman next to Lesli. However, God’s plan was different.

When I started sharing the Gospel with Lesli, a woman approached and listened to the Gospel together from behind Lesli. Lesli and Juanis were saved.

Then, we went to a women selling stuff next to Lesli. Hacksun started sharing the Gospel, then all of sudden, two women and one man joined to listen to the Gospel together. They all followed the salvation prayer together so well and were saved! There was such a joy! Four people were saved all at once. Their names are Marta, Isabel, Rosio, and Crardo.

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Then, right on the spot, a girl and a mother asked us to take a photo with them. From their point of view, maybe they haven’t seen Koreans in their lives and wanted to make a memory. But from the Holy Spirit’s point of view, they were led to receive Jesus that way. We did take a photo with them and didn’t want to miss the chance. We shared the Gospel and they were saved. Their names are Mariana and Cerla.

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Then we went to a grandma whose face didn’t look happy. She was saved. Her name is Martha.

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Then I saw a girl who was smiling at me. If someone looks at us or smiles at us, we consider that’s the sign of the Holy Spirit. I shared the Gospel and she was saved. Her name is Elida Lizbeth.

It took us one hour to lead 11 people to Jesus. Amazing!

We came back home and took a rest. We were so tired, but I found myself praying in tongue without ceasing. It was Holy Spirit who made me pray. It maybe a God’s message that we must go out to share the Gospel because God would send people. So we didn’t took a nap, but got out of home. Hacksun wanted to sleep desperately, but he got up!

We decided to go to a big mart. On the way to the main road to catch a taxi, we found three little girls, aged about 7 to 8. We shared the Gospel with the girls. Surprisingly, an older girl we knew was there to help us. In a situation like this, she is a God-sent. Three girls, Samantha, Sophia, and Elison, received Jesus.

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As we continued to walk to the main road, we saw a family of seven sitting outside. We shared the Gospel. We found that when many people gather together, it’s more likely for them to receive Jesus and follow the salvation prayer without hesitation. Thank you Father, everyone received Jesus. We also prayed for a grandmother whose one leg was missing.

We took a taxi to a mart, and the taxi driver, Jose, received Jesus. In front of the mart was a man, Mario, selling fried potatoes on a stall. Mario was looking at us, so we went to him. Hacksun shared the Gospel, but he was hesitant. Hacksun was very good at nudging people, so he kept explaining that salvation is a free gift, receiving without effort or payment. Then the man said yes, and received Jesus, for free.

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In the mart, I was looking through the refrigerators to find foods. Then I noticed that a grandmother was looking at me. So we went to the grandmother, then her friend came and joined to listen to the Gospel. The two ladies received Jesus. Hallelujah!

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In the same mart, there was one man who was smiling at Hacksun. What a great sign! We went to him, and he was saved.

Then I found a man with a yellow shirt. He didn’t look that happy and his spirit seemed to be oppressed quite a lot. So we approached him, and then two family members suddenly joined him to listen. So we shared the Gospel to all of them, and they were saved. They are Julio, Candi, and Lupita.

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On our way back home, we took a taxi, and the taxi driver Daniel was saved.

In total, 30 people were saved on Sunday. From this week, a total of 44 people came to Jesus. Thank you Father so much for your increase. I once again realize the harvest is ripe and we need many more laborers of the harvest.

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