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Outreach Report – God’s Multifaceted Ways led to Still More Increase

Last week from Oct. 19 to 24th, somewhere between 80 to 90 souls came to Jesus. This time the number is not exact because we did street / group preaching which made it difficult to figure it all out.

First of all, I am full of appreciation that I am in Mexico and leading souls to Jesus. I am so thankful and felt more than alive. It is indescribably good that those soul wouldn’t end up in hell but will walk with Jesus because I was there to share the Gospel.

This week, God gave us many variations. We met kids playing soccer, another groups of kids playing in the streets, an orphan, a homeless couple, people in line for ATM machine, a group of girls going out at night, a group of people waiting in front of a food truck and a bus stop, and so on. We were invited to many different places including a hospital, a small church in a remote area, a cancer patient’s home, and homes of a cell group leader and member. We were exposed to many unexpected situations that were from God!

I’d like to share three significant occasions that marked our hearts.

Sharing the Gospel with nameless, homeless orphan woman

On Wednesday, we visited a hospital to pray for some patients and share the Gospel. We prayed and led some patients and their family to Jesus. When we came out of the hospital, I found a woman sitting in the lobby. To be exact, she was looking at me then I found her. I thought that she’s a family of a patient. She looked a bit devastated and her hair was tangled. I thought maybe she was so exhausted as she was dealing with her ill family member. I was wrong.

When our eyes were met, I went to her straight away and started sharing the Gospel. She said she’d receive Jesus and she followed the salvation prayer with small voice, but it seemed she was a bit traumatized. When I asked her name, I couldn’t understand her words at all. So one of our company, Pati, who took us to the hospital listened to her and let me know that she is an orphan and did not have a name.

So I asked father to give her a name. I’m not 100% sure but I think I heard “Esther”. I gave her the name, then I prayed for her. When I came out of the hospital, Pati said that she was homeless. I was surprised that I just shared the Gospel with nameless, homeless orphan, and God just gave her a name, and she just had Father God, and received an eternal home.

A grandfather who received Jesus after knowing the salvation is a free gift

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He was on a crutch and stood in the street. He was a nice-looking grandpa with a hat. I shared the Gospel with him. When I asked “Would you like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” he said “no” because he didn’t have money. So I said, “I don’t need money, Jesus doesn’t need money. It’s a free gift!” I was a bit embarrassed.

The grandpa seemed to be confused.

Then Hacksun remembered a bible verse that he saw one day before, which made him locate the verse with ease. I believe this was a divine guidance of Jesus to save the grandpa’s soul. It was Luke 4:18 that says “God anoint me to bring Good News to the POOR.” Hacksun read this verse out loud for the grandpa. Then, the grandpa seemed to have a relief. When we asked him again, he said yes with smile.

However, strangely, he had hard time repeating salvation prayer. Hacksun sensed demonic hindrance and asked me to pray together to remove what’s hindering the grandpa to repeat the prayer. So we both prayed. After our prayer, the grandpa was able to pray the salvation prayer much better! He received Jesus and I was crying when I prayed for him. I believe God’s heart was moved, so I was moved.

I learned that sharing the Gospel is such an urgent work. In the case of the grandpa, we never know if he would have another chance to come to Jesus if we didn’t share the Gospel. I was so thankful God arranged this time and location for us all to share the Gospel. I am so thankful that the grandpa could make it to heaven.

A homeless couple came to Jesus

I found something interesting in Mexico. In front of marts or convenient stores, there are some people or kids who open the doors for people or providing some services for people. Then people give them small changes to them. They don’t just request money but try to do even a small thing to receive money.

We went to a convenient store to buy the ice cream that I ate before. But we couldn’t find the same one. When we went out, a homeless man opened the door for us. There was homeless woman, too. She was cleaning people’s car or motorbike to receive money, and the man was opening the door of the convenient store. They were a couple. We gave them coins and started sharing the Gospel.

They were so tender-hearted. They received Jesus with gratitude. I was so moved. I prayed for this couple and rebuked the spirit of poverty, spirit of homelessness, and whatever that hinder their lives. And I asked Father to make the devil pay back whatever was stolen from their lives. I cried again as my heart was moved. I really hope their lives to change. Their hearts were so humble. I felt Father’s love towards them. They are so precious people made after His image. They kept saying thank you. But I realized I was so honored to have an opportunity to pray for them.

Small pieces of memory from this week

-This week, Hacksun preached in the street. The first attempt was in front of an ATM machine where people lined up and the line gets short very slowly. The results were amazing. About 50% adults raised up their hands.

-We went to a small village and Hacksun was preaching to many kids and some women. When he was sharing about the Holy Spirit, suddenly many dogs came around us and sat or laid down. I heard that dogs sense the glory of God. It was funny!

-Praying for a cancer patient was not a small deal. We both prayed for a cancer patient, but Hacksun laid his hands on her. We prayed for a long because we both felt the fire of God for a long time. When we no longer felt fire, we ended our prayer. After this, we both had dreams of warfare with snakes and flying bugs with thorns. We also experienced extreme physical fatigue for several days. However, God has restored us completely through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Overall, His works are becoming greater in number and in kind. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this week!

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