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Outreach Report Nov.1st: Pin Down the Next Generation

Last week, from Oct. 26th to 31st, 61 people came to Jesus from streets and markets. What’s special in this week is that God showed us His heart for the next generation. In 2020, Hacksun received the words: “Be ready to pin down the next generation, for the next generation will be pinned down by God!”

So we have been aware that we should not only share the Gospel with kids but also make disciples among young people.

A Boy Pinned Down by God.

On Friday Oct. 29th, we went to a local market. There was a place where two shoe-shiners shined shoes for two old men sitting on chairs. Hacksun preached the Gospel to those four men. Two old men left without receiving Jesus after having their shoes shined, but the two shoe-shiners received Jesus. They looked like father and son.

Then a boy in his early teens came to the scene. The boy was another son of the shoe-shiner. Hacksun shared the Gospel with the boy, and he received Jesus. Then I prayed for this boy. I prophesied over him that he would carry the fire of God wherever God sends him. He received my prayer with so much sincerity.

Hacksun said that he saw fire in the boy’s eyes. He also felt that the boy would bring the Good News to many. When we came back home and prayed for the boy, God gave Hacksun some confirmation that it was the right thing to pray for the boy to be raised up as an evangelist. Hacksun believed that the boy was pinned down by God.

After the boy came to Jesus, we invited him to a conference that we were going to host on early November. The conference is about evangelism and how to share the Gospel. We’re praying that many people will receive the fire of God that day.

Finding Kids & Being found by Kids

We found many kids, but some kids found us.

In the street, when we tried to share the Gospel with some adults, these kids gathered around us. Maybe they were curious about foreigners, but I believe it is Holy Spirit who put that curiosity into their hearts. Most kids said yes to Jesus.

One girl in this photo heard the Gospel when we shared the Gospel at an English club. She kept smiling brightly when we shared the Gospel. Since then, she showed up twice out of nowhere when we shared the Gospel on the street–first with three girls and then with the boys and girls shown in the photo above. One of the reasons is that she’s living nearby, but I believe God sent her for a reason.

In the market held on Saturday, my eyes were met with this girl many times. She kept looking at me and smiling at me. We approached her, and both the girl and her mother came to Jesus.

This boy was looking at us, too. He kept looking at us as if he needed something from us. Of course, we had something he needed, which is the Gospel. In a situation like this, there’s no failure. Both the boy and his mother came to Jesus.

Hindrance in Sharing the Gospel this Week

On Saturday, Oct 30th, I noticed a certain pattern of hindrance happening many times. When many people gathered, they listened to the Gospel in the beginning, then many of them just scattered away when there came some distractions.

However, thankfully, then some other people came to the scene to listen to the Gospel. That day, 17 souls came to Jesus.

At first, I was devastated whenever I saw many people just leaving us in the middle. I need to pray for this.

Thank you for reading this week’s Outreach Report! Please keep praying for a great harvest in Mexico. We appreciate your prayers!

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