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Nov. 8th Praise Report! – 100 Souls from Cemeteries & How God Confirms

One hundred souls came to Jesus on Nov. 2nd, which was “day of the dead” in Mexico. This day, countless people gather in cemeteries to mourn their family or relatives.

So, this was a God-given chance for us to harvest. Together with two young men from church, we headed to a cemetery nearby. Hacksun and I asked them to take videos and use a drone for the bird-eye view of the cemetery.

It was my first time visiting cemeteries in Mexico. The land was filled with countless long square graves. Many of them were decorated with flowers, crosses, statues of Jesus, statues of virgin Mary, and many more. Some people were playing music, some were drinking, and some were mourning in front of graves.

So we visited small or large group of families, one by one, to share the Gospel.

The cemetery closed at 7pm. We continued sharing the Gospel in the street after the cemetery closed. On our way back home, I realized that about 100 people came to Jesus.

This is how we figured out the number. We prepared about 80 copies of A4 printouts to give info about “what to do next” and the address of the church. We gave out almost all the copies for those who said yes to the Gospel and prayed the salvation prayer. But there were many people whom we didn’t give the copies after they came to Jesus. Some kids ran around after they received Jesus, without receiving the copies. For some families, I just gave one copy for them to share. Although I didn’t know the exact number, I supposed and felt like that about 100 people came to Jesus.

Doubts about the number of souls harvested, and doubts about whether they were really saved.

The next day, Nov. 3rd, Hacksun and I took a rest at home. My friend Sandy sent some video of a prophet, so we watched that and another video and took a nap. Before the nap, we had some conversation. Unlike the day before, we wondered if they were really saved and if the number “about 100 souls” was correct.

Most people received the Gospel so easily, and repeated the salvation prayer so well. It sounded too easy. Also, there were some Catholics who prayed the salvation prayer with much appreciation. I was wondering if they were already saved but prayed the salvation prayer anyway.

Then, God gave us confirmations both for their salvation and the number.

God’s confirmation through dreams

northern lights over mountain and forest

We both took a nap and woke up from dreams. In my dream, I was here and there, and finally went to a very dry, flat land. The soil was dry and there was no grass or trees. Then I found a pipe stuck in the ground, so I went toward it. From the pipe, clean water came out and flowed to some part of the dry land. I scooped out some of the water and sprinkled on some other part of the land where I wanted to water. Then I closed the valve, thinking that the water should not be wasted and I wanted to use the water a bit later when things are ready.

So I woke up, then I felt that this was a God-given dream. Then I wanted to tell this dream to Hacksun, so I grasped his left arm, saying “I had a dream.”

Hacksun woke up. Then he said “I saw something really great in my dream!”

He said that fire fell on him, which was the strongest ever. In his vision he was floating over the air because the fire was so strong. Thinking that he was awake, he said “Seya, do you see me floating? Look at this!” Then he saw a countless number of stars sparkling in the night sky. The vision was so vivid–like 8K resolution–so he was able to see even dusts between starts. It was like the story in Genesis where God showed Abraham countless stars in the night sky. Then he saw a globe moving from the left to the right quickly. Then he awoke when I grasped his left arm.

He then realized that he was dreaming. Then he also realized that this was a confirmation from God. God received those souls we evangelized. They did come to Jesus when they prayed the salvation prayer.

God gave me a confirmation on the number one hundred souls.

However, I still had no certainty about the number. I asked God, “please show me the number 100, if 100 souls really came to Jesus that day.” After some struggle and some conversation with Hacksun, I opened the bible randomly. The bible opened on the 1 Chronicles chapter 4, “Other descendants of Judah” where there were many names all throughout the chapter. Then, in the end at verse 42, I found the letter “hundred.”

‘Five hundred of these invaders from the tribe of Simeon went to Mount Seir, led by Pelatiah, Neariah, Rephaiah, and Uzziel—all sons of Ishi. ‘

1 Chronicles 4:42 NLT

God showed the word “hundred” that I asked for confirmation. So I believed that one hundred souls came to Jesus for sure. When I praised God for giving me a confirmation through the bible, my body was shaken by Holy Spirit, which I believe was another confirmation!

Hallelujah! I appreciate God’s kindness! He cares for us even in a small thing. I love my Father. He is worthy of it all. I love that God sent me here in Mexico and let me share the Gospel with Mexican people. I pray and believe many people will come to His kingdom through Jesus Christ and live in His goodness for eternity.

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