Diary in Mexico

Nov. 15 Report – Three Ways God Leads People to Listen to the Gospel

Last week was hard. We were both sick and couldn’t really go out. Also my bunny went to heaven. However, God was still moving, and souls were saved.

Outreach Results – experiencing the power of the Gospel

Seventeen souls came to Jesus this week. We couldn’t really go out due to the cold. Though we got the cold, we had to go out to withdraw cash and buy groceries on the day I was really feeling cold. So we went out.

We started sharing the Gospel. At some point when I kept sharing the Gospel with people, I experienced that my body being fired up and didn’t feel cold anymore. I had to take off my jacket. I experienced the power of preaching the Gospel.

I found there are ways God leads people to us. To be exact, God leads people to Jesus by setting up many situations around us. Let me introduce three cases that I experienced this week.

First, God makes some people smile at us with favor.

Some people come to Jesus because God leads them to smile at us or favor us. This removes some burden (from my side) to start a talk with a stranger. In this case, there’s almost no failure, because they already favor both who we are and what we says. Some people just can’t stop loving us, and request to take a photo with them. It feels great (and fun) to be treated like a movie star and getting a chance to share the Gospel with them.

On Wednesday, when we walked down the street, two young women were also walking across the street. They first found us and both smiled at us as they walked. So we approached to them and they listened carefully what we said, which is the Gospel. They both came to Jesus. We don’t know why they smile at us, but we’re thankful.

Second, God makes people to fix their eyes on us. There are some people who cannot take their eyes off of us.

When we went out, in front of some facility where many people were sitting and waiting, I stood up in front of 15-20 people to see if I could share the Gospel. Then I found a couple who were looking at me with curious eyes. They didn’t smile at us, but they didn’t take their eyes off of us. So I started sharing the Gospel in front of the people, but my eyes were fixed to the couple. They never turned their eyes off of me. Yes, they received Jesus!

Third, God uses conviction. Some people come to Jesus because they just did something wrong against us.

This happened twice, so far. Some people overcharge us because we are foreigners. Then God uses the situation.

On our way back home from grocery shopping, we took a taxi. The taxi driver requested 50 pesos. He was obviously overcharging us. The distance we drove was very short, so it should be 30 or 35 pesos. It’s not a big money, but it’s a matter of the heart.

The driver helped us to unload our groceries and stuffs. After unloading, Hacksun tried to share the Gospel with him. Then the driver tried to run away. He already got on the driver’s seat, but Hacksun was between the driver and the door, so he cannot close the door. Hacksun wouldn’t let him go until he said yes. He finally received Jesus, probably because his heart was convicted a little bit by overcharging. Hallelujah! All is well that ends well.

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