Diary in Mexico

Nov. 29 Report – God Wants Young Harvesters!

About 90 people came to Jesus this week from markets and streets. And there was a youth camp where we ministered to 80-90 kids.

Facing the demon of religion among harvest

On Nov. 23, 25 people came to Jesus from a market where many stores were.

Basically our outreach was one on one. Among many cases, there was one ethereal experience. We shared the Gospel with a young man named Victor, and he received Jesus. When I prayed for him, I felt that he would be used by God and he would carry the Gospel to many places, so I prophesied over him as I felt.

Right after that, a family of five came near us. Hacksun started sharing the Gospel with the five. Then, one by one, five more people came to the scene. A total of 9 received Jesus. I love this supernatural increase. In a case like this, where there is a supernatural increase, people repeat the salvation prayer together so well.

Then, everyone left except one. A man was watching us with a hard face. Thinking that he didn’t listen to the Gospel as he joined in the middle, I approached him. But he was a Christian with a demon called “spirit of religion”. He talked about the bible and Holy Spirit, and said that we’re doing a wrong thing.

Hacksun tried to explain the difference of perspectives. But our Spanish wasn’t good enough, and the man had a concrete belief system of his own which actually is from the enemy. Although I understood no Spanish, I felt my chest physically being clogged. It was a demonic attack.

The man left and Hacksun felt some pain on his side. He lost some of his energy for a while. When we came back home, we prayed in tongue to remove those attack from Hacksun’s body. It left with pain. Next time, we won’t talk with anybody with the spirit of religion.

But just before this spiritual attack, the Lord had Hacksun read the Not By Might, Nor By Power series on the life of Evangelist Lonnie Frisbee. Through the books, we learned that it is crucial to forgive and love even those who attack us under the influence of the spirit of religion. Otherwise, we get to harbor bitterness and unforgiveness, which is very harmful to us and to our ministry. Praise the Holy Spirit for His all-knowing guidance!

“Oh, No!” day from miscommunication

On Nov. 24, We went to a school outreach. Without knowing the school has no students (because of covid), we waited one and a half hour until we realized that no student would come out. Actually, at 1pm, we asked some teachers when the school would finish. Then the teachers answered that it would be 2pm. But the 2pm was for teachers who teach kids online. No students were in the school. Oh, no. It was hard. But three kids who were playing in the street came to Jesus on our way back home.

96 Evangecubes pre-determined to be sent to Mexican kids

There was a divine set up for this youth camp. Last week, without knowing anything about youth camp, Hacksun tried to order eight evangecubes, the toy-like cube that we use to share the Gospel. So he asked for the price of eight evangecubes to the seller in the US by email.

Then on Sunday, Nov. 21, the seller replied, quoting the discount price of 96 evangecubes, not eight. She probably mis-read Hacksun’s email. But Hacksun didn’t read this email until Monday morning, when the youth pastor of the church visited our home and informed that we would minister to nearly 100 kids in the youth camp. Right after this, Hacksun checked his mail box and found the email from the seller, who was not in error after all! So we received this as a sign from God and ordered the 96 evangecubes for the youth camp.

The shipping was also miraculous. The seller said the package would arrive at Friday evening at the earliest, but it arrived on Wednesday!

On Thursday Nov 25, we prepared the evangelism workshop for the kids coming from all over the Mexico. At night, Hacksun and I had a workshop for kids. We gave away those evangecubes and shared the story of how those cubes came miraculously. Then we taught them how to use it. There was a time to minister those kids, and Hacksun requested them to say yes to their calling. Some kids were touched by Holy Spirit.

Outreach with youth

On Nov 26, with all kids, we went to the crossing of a railroad near the church. Many people crossed the railroad there. So we shared the Gospel with them, and about 40 people received Jesus. It went very well, and the kids witnessed and learned how we shared the Gospel. Nearly everyone who we shared the Gospel came to Jesus. Nearly everyone!


Surprisingly, healing took place. The youth pastor showed us a video of an old man testifying that his knee was healed when those kids prayed. Also, in my case, I felt the healing power of God when I prayed for a woman on an electronic wheelchair. But she didn’t get up, so I don’t know if she was healed.

A Feather after outreach

In the morning of Nov. 27, we went outreach to the nearby market with kids. About 25-30 came to Jesus. When we came back home, I found a feather when I took out my phone from the pocket of my jacket.

Feather! It was a feather of an angel, I believe.

In the evening we attended worship. At the end of the worship, a young man came to us, asking a prayer for him. So Hacksun and I both grasped his each hand and laid another hand on his shoulder and prayed. Holy Spirit touched him so big, so he gradually fell to the ground and shook from time to time. I have seen such things on Youtube and others, but not when I prayed for others. So it was new to me. I also felt the fire of God all throughout the time. Before him, we prayed for girls and boys, then some of them ended up weeping.

All throughout this youth camp, I felt a strong presence of God. I learned that God’s heart is definitely on youth, the generation to be pinned down by God!

This week has been BIG. I love that I am taking part in the move of God. Something is always going on, and we will see His glory even more and more. Hallelujah!

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