Diary in Mexico

Dec. 6 – God’s Inconvenient but Divine Setup to Win Lost Sheep

This week, 84 people came to Jesus in the street. Almost everyone whom we shared the Gospel with came to Jesus.

On the contrary, Hacksun experienced a hard case. He had a dream of his friend committing a suicide. The friend is living in Japan. So, Hacksun called him and shared the Gospel. Hacksun started with his own testimony of how he came to Jesus and continued to share as many testimonies as he could for two hours.

But the friend didn’t accept Jesus. As God says, “Not by might, no by power, but by my Spirit”, he will be saved by the work of Holy Spirit, not by our striving, I believe.

Dec. 4th, 69 Souls Came to Jesus

On Saturday, Dec. 4th, 69 souls came to Jesus. We visited both a street market and a place called “Plaza” in the middle of the town.

First, we shared the Gospel on the street market. Near the street market, people were drumming loudly, and so we knew they were idol worshippers. We approached them and preached the Gospel, but the drum sound was so loud, it was difficult to convey the message even though Hacksun shouted at the top of his voice. No one received Jesus at the time, but we sowed the seed. The Lord will send the plow, and someone will reap the harvest in Jesus name!

The plaza is like a park with trees and benches. For us it was a great setting where people were sitting on benches waiting to be harvested! They were basically doing nothing but resting.

So, thanks to the divine setting, over 30 souls came to Jesus in about an hour. Hallelujah! Only one person didn’t receive Jesus. There were variety of souls: families with kids, youngsters who looked like musicians, grandfathers with a puppy, a happy couple, mom and son who looked like from an indigenous tribe, and father and son who were selling aprons. We were so happy as we won many souls with ease.

An Inconvenient but Divine Setting to Win Souls

It became dark and we took a taxi to attend the church service at 7pm. It ended around 8:40pm and we were hungry. So we made a call to a nearby restaurant and ordered two lonches, which is a Mexican version of sandwich. After one hour of waiting, the restaurant gave us a call saying that there’s no delivery person to deliver our meals, and so we had to go get them. This never happened before. We left our home about 10pm to get the meals. The restaurant is in walking distance, so we walked through the street where we found some teenagers who gathered in the street. But we didn’t pay much attention as we wanted to go get our meals quick.

On our way back home with our meals on our hands, I realized what the teenagers were doing. There were four couples flirting with each other. They were doing things that teenagers are not supposed to do.

Hacksun and I decided to go for the Gospel. So, we stood in front of those couples, and Hacksun started sharing the Gospel. At first, they were laughing a little bit, but there came a little boy, about 8-9 years old, who lives in the area and we shared the Gospel with before. The boy knows both Jesus and us. He kept smiling, standing right in the middle of the site while we’re sharing the Gospel. I believe God sent the boy to change the atmosphere.

As Hacksun continued, they began to listen to the Gospel anyway, and when we asked “Would you like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”, six of them said “Yes” although some of them were still holding each other in an inappropriate way. They repeated the salvation prayer, together with the little boy who prayed the prayer while smiling from ear to ear.

So, from this divine inconvenient setup, six teenage lost sheep came to Jesus. That was amazing.

And, it was very inconvenient till the very end, because I found a cockroach in our meals, after I almost finished eating mine. But the value of six souls cannot be compared to this inconvenience. I am thankful. And I didn’t throw up by the grace of God.

*Hacksun was saved from this experience because he didn’t eat his meal. But I believe I got some reward for the suffering!

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