Diary in Mexico

Dec. 13 Report – Kids in Dark Fashion Readily Open Their Hearts to Jesus!

This week from Dec. 6th to 12th, 173 souls came to Jesus, as a result of (nearly) daily outreach during this week. Hallelujah!

Kids in dark fashion open their hearts without hesitation

Those kids grasped our eyes because they looked like lost sheep and made us want to rescue them. However, unlike our perception that they would be rebellious and negative, they were actually brilliant and very open to Jesus and the words of God, probably even more so than others.

A BTS fan

I found a teenage girl coming down the street. She had a look in a way that I wanted to share the Gospel with.

So I went to the girl and said that I wanted to share something important. She was wearing a necklace with the photo of BTS, the world famous S. Korean pop group. I started sharing the Gospel with her. She said yes, and repeated the salvation prayer without hesitation. Her attitude was so nice, smart, and brilliant. I was inspired and impressed that she actually was not dark or negative at all, but gave me the most refreshing smile! I said I am from South Korea, the country of BTS, and it seemed she was quite excited.

Three kids inspired by Japanese cartoon

We went to a park during the weekend and found kids with some fashion that was not usual in this small town. I don’t understand where these three kids were able to get these custom. They were wearing as if they were Japanese cartoon characters.

Hacksun found these kids and led them to the Lord. They readily received Jesus. When Hacksun shared the Bible verse Matthew 10:8 “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give”, they seemed to be very interested. At this point, we started to realize that those kids in unusually dark costumes are more open to the Gospel and the supernatural.

A boy with the necklaces of spikes and skulls

Then we found two boys. The tall boy was wearing necklaces of skulls and metal spikes. Thinking that those were bad signs, Hacksun started sharing the Gospel. The two boys received Jesus so readily! When Hacksun shared the verse Matthew 10:8 and said that they could do that, the boys seemed to be believing and excited! The tall boy was quite excited and kept following us, asking us to take photos together. So we took photos with him twice in two different locations. I believe he felt something about Holy Spirit. A friend later joined the two boys after we took photos with them, and he was also saved!

Preaching the Gospel among an idol worship parade: Guadalupe Festival

Sunday, Dec. 12 was the Guadalupe Festival which is the day of idol worship. This kind of idol worship must be uprooted from Mexico. There was a parade of people with native costumes with feathers on their head. They were dancing and marching in the street. They also had some paintings of a virgin Gualdalupe displayed in the parade. As the parade occupied the street, there were hundreds of people lined alongside of the street, watching the parade.

Among the crowd, Hacksun started preaching the Gospel at the top of his lungs. I held the Evange-cube as high as possible, following the Gospel being preached by Hacksun. One man was lifting his both hands as a sign that he agreed to our preaching. After the preaching, a couple that was behind us received Jesus! Hallelujah!

This week was about bringing the light to the darkness, and finding out how easy it is to remove the darkness when the light of the Gospel shines. Thank you Father for your goodness, thank you Jesus for your blood, thank you Holy Spirit for your work!

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