Diary in Mexico

God Saved a Family of Four 5 Minutes into New Year’s Day!

The first thing God let Hacksun and I do in 2022 was sharing the gospel with the lost. It happened at 0:05am or so!

Last night, we were invited to the New Year’s eve party at a pastor’s home. It was a family gathering, and there was a family of four who didn’t know Jesus.

So, after the delicious Mexican dinner, and after some fun activities, we were waiting for the right timing to share the Gospel with them. A new year came, and everyone hugged each other and blessed each other saying “Feliz año!”. Then there was just a great chance to gather the four people.

So Hacksun started sharing the Gospel with them, and I showed and managed the evangecube.

All four of them came to Jesus as if they have been waiting to receive Jesus for their entire life. It was unbelievably easy, and Jesus was extremely welcome. I felt the fire of God.
We were so happy and so excited! The first thing God led us to do in 2022 was leading people to Jesus! Hallelujah!
I pray and believe countless souls will come to Jesus this year.
2022 will be the best year ever to be alive!

This photo is from yesterday when they set the fire on Christmas trees. Doesn’t it look life revival fire?

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