2022 Evangelism

Evangelizing Ukrainian Refugees in Poland and Moldova

On Feb. 2nd, 2022, at 2am, 20 days before the war broke out on Feb. 22nd, Hacksun had a dream in which 150 Russian soldiers stormed into a house. At that time, we were in El Salvador and knew nothing about the Ukraine-Russia situation.

Again, a few days before the war, Seya saw a vision of many people lining up, and they were mostly women and children.

After the war broke out, we realized what the dream and vision were about. We asked God if He wanted us to go to Poland and received confirmation in another dream.

On Mar. 7th, we went to Przemyśl, Poland, the train station nearest to the Ukraine border. Refugees were pouring out of Ukraine, and we shared the Good News with them at the refugee camp and the train station. Mostly through one on one, over 300 Ukrainian souls came to Jesus.

Then we moved to Palanca,  Moldova, as God led us. Palanca is surrounded by Ukrainian land and an hour away from Odessa. From Apr. 3rd on, we went to the camp and the Moldovan border to evangelize refugees. We got on 24 buses and 63 minivans and preached the Gospel. Over 600 souls came to Jesus in 15 days!

We also ministered to refugees in Warsaw, Poland, Chisinau, Moldova, and Zurich, Switzerland, and dozens of souls came to Jesus.

In total, one thousand souls, including 980 Ukrainians, received Jesus in March and April. Hallelujah!

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