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Jesus showed me why I was made in symmetry

Have you ever wondered why you’re made in symmetry? You’re made in a way that one side of your body reflects the other part – symmetry.

On Apr. 29th 2021, in the evening, I was busy cleaning my home. Then I sensed Jesus asking me to be with him, saying “I am your husband. Shouldn’t you be with me?”

So I sat alone quietly on my bed.

As soon as I sat and closed my eyes, I saw my entire body being split into two, vertically.

It wasn’t to devastate me. I was not scared at all. It was to remind me that my body was made in symmetry- the left and the right.

Then I saw myself becoming a butterfly. I had two butterfly wings.

Then I realized that the two parts of my body, the left and the right, must stay together and be united as one in order to be a butterfly and to fly.

Then this message came.
“This is how much you need me. Be united with me.”

Another message came. “The reason humans are made in symmetry is to show the united body of Jesus and His bride.”

Then I felt such acceptance towards Jesus. I felt I was so accepted and united with Jesus. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it was a feeling of being fully embraced in love. Such a peaceful feeling of belonging. Then I felt something very masculine energy wrapping around me. I felt protected.

After that, I saw a multilayered crown on my head. It was called “crown of love”. I also saw someone do something on my fingers but I don’t know what that was. By this time I began to come into physical reality and started thinking.

I woke up. Then I was reminded of this drawing that I made in 2008, 13 years before this happened.

This drawing from 2008 is titled “Reflection”. At that time, not knowing Jesus, I was wondering why humans and all the living creatures are made in symmetry. I was interested in the fact that one side of the body mirrors the other. So this is how this drawing came out. In the drawing, one side of the face is being reflected in the water, so two combined images make one face.

It was such an enlightening moment to learn that the Creator made humans in symmetry to show the necessity of Jesus. Our desperate need for being united with Jesus, the need for becoming one with Jesus. (I don’t know if this is the only principle or one of many.)

If one side of the body doesn’t exist, it’s worse than being nothing. It’s better to be nonexistent than to exist in an unfinished form. Just imagine having only one side of your body. Then, think about where the ultimate destination is for those who died without Jesus.

To me the fact that one side of the body reflects the other also means that we’re made in reflection of the image of God.

I was also stunned that Jesus remembered my 13 years-old question. Those days, without knowing Jesus, I had so many questions about life that no one could answer. 13 years has been a long time. I forgot about the question, but Jesus hasn’t.

This was such a big revelation to me, and it was beautiful. The way Jesus taught me was so beautiful. The way I was made in symmetry is beautiful. Jesus is beautiful.

Another thing is, the way we are made, in symmetry, shows the Gospel: The design of our body is telling us that we need Jesus desperately. Without Jesus, we’re not in a finished form. With Jesus, we are in a finished form. Jesus said, “It is finished” in many ways.

Jesus loves us to the point that He wants us to be the half of his body. As our left side body desires to have the right side, Jesus desires us that much. He wants to be united with you as one body. This is the Gospel.

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