Two signs God shows us when we keep sharing the Gospel in the same area – Feathers and Waters

We received small feathers for the first time in Sep. 2020. Those feathers fell out of nowhere in our living room when we were talking about revival in South Korea. Since then, we have been receiving feathers from time to time. 

In 2022, I learned that God shows us two signs when we keep sharing the Gospel like everyday in the same area. So I will introduce three cases we experienced last year.

In Mexico

From Oct. 2021 to early 2022 in Mexico, we’ve been sharing the Gospel very often, sometimes everyday in the street. At some point, I found a feather in my pocket. Then I had a dream where I found a pipe stuck in the dry land. There was water coming out of the pipe and the water was covering some part of the land. 

In Poland and Moldova

In April 2022, we were in Moldova, sharing the Gospel with Ukraine Refugees almost everyday near the Palanca border for three weeks. 

In the end, Hacksun had a dream where there’s water coming out of the ground like a fountain. A boy in the dream called the fountain “Hae Cheong,” which means “ocean blue.”

Right before we went to Moldova, he received a feather falling in his hand when he was walking down a street of Warsaw after we shared the Gospel with Ukrainian refugees for three weeks in Poland.

In Zambia

From mid October to November 10th, 2022, we shared the Gospel with over ten thousand kids in Zambia almost everyday. On Nov. 6th, while we drove to a school, Hacksun found a large feather falling from above toward him. But we were driving and in a hurry, so we passed the feather. But Hacksun prayed that he would find the feather if the feather was sent by God. On our way back, he found the same feather in the ground and picked it up. 

A few days before that, I had a dream where I saw blue water under the cement-covered land of Zambia. In my dream, I saw the land was cracking apart, and it was a large quantity of blue water coming out from under the ground that cracks apart the cement ground.

Why feathers/ Why waters?

I learned that harvesting souls involves angelic activities. When we share the Gospel vigorously and diligently, there must be angels helping us! These feathers may be a sign that angels are working with us.

As water covers the earth, the living water of God will cover the earth if we keep sharing the Gospel. I believe God is giving us dreams of water, because Jesus is living water and He will prevail if we keep sharing the Gospel! Hallelujah!

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