222 days of Africa in the year 2022

Year 2022 has been so explosive.

Before 2022, I have visited only 5 countries in my entire life. However, within one year of 2022, God sent us to 11 countries in four continents to share the Gospel with people. We experienced the greatness of God like never before.

These are countries that we visited in 2022:

  • South America – Mexico, El Salvador
  • Europe – Poland, Moldova, France, Switzerland
  • Africa – Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa
  • Middle East -(confidential for now)

How did we decide to go to these countries? God gave us dreams, signs, visions, words, and presence to let us know where to go. We obeyed and followed.

Two dreams

The most significant dreams about our ministry in 2022 were given in February. On Feb 2nd, we were in El Salvador and God gave my husband a dream about the Ukraine War. Another day in Feb. I had a vision about Ukrainian refugees. When we asked for confirmation about whether we should go to Ukrainian refugees, God gave us a dream of a rich person giving money to send us to a place near Ukraine. When we shared the dream in a SNS community, an unknown rich person in the real world sent us an exact amount of money for us to fly to Poland. So we went to Poland, then Moldova to share the Gospel with Ukrainian people.

Another dream was given on Feb. 16th when we were in Mexico. In my husband’s vision, there were many feathers falling between me and my husband. He then fell asleep again and had a dream, in which he said to me, “This means we are going to travel the world to do the work of God!” and he woke up.

As the dream says, we were able to travel the world. After Poland and Moldova, God sent us to Burundi on May 1st. We prepared a gospel crusade for three months. After Burundi, we went to Rwanda for one month, Zambia for over two months, and South Africa for one month. God gave us many opportunities to minister to thousands of people in Africa. Glory to God!

222 days of Africa

One day before we left South Africa, all of sudden, I wondered how many days God allowed us in Africa. So I used a date calculator on the internet to count the total number of days we stayed in Africa. From May 1st to Dec. 9th, it was 222 days!

We never intended this to happen. Number 2 for our Africa mission means union between God and His children. We were so amazed to see God’s plan in every detail. God planned 222 days to let us know that it is a ministry of union and it was God’s plan!

So many dreams & visions

In Africa, God was moving like never before. We’ve been receiving dreams and visions like never before. Those dreams and visions guided us and gave us information that we couldn’t naturally get. God knows every hidden things that we don’t.

We could discern wolves in sheep’s clothing. We could avoid people who God told us to avoid because of dreams and visions God gave us.


We received the largest feather ever, which fell down right after we shared the Gospel in an Islamic school in Zambia. Other smaller feathers were given in Poland after ministering many Ukrainian refugees for three weeks.

*For us, feathers are given after sharing the Gospel almost everyday in the same place.

God sends helpers

Pastor Gordon, Lusaka, Zambia, who God sent us from the day 2 to the last day in Zambia

God sent people to help us to do his will, in a surprising way, sometimes. For example, when we arrived in Zambia, on the second day, we took a taxi to buy groceries. The taxi driver happened to be a pastor who ended up working with us to share the Gospel with over 10,000 kids, visiting dozens of places in Lusaka and elsewhere until the last day of our stay in Zambia.

Africa is SO ready to be saved!

South African youths who were playing football then received Jesus

We were so surprised to see how Gospel is welcome in Africa! It is not difficult at all to share the Gospel with people in Africa. The response from kids were amazing. It was absolutely amazing when we heard hundreds of kids praying the salvation prayer all at the same time with a loud voice.

Muslim coming to Jesus

There were some muslims who refused the Gospel, but the number was minor. In Burundi, some muslims came to us asking prayer for healing. God came through, and many were healed. An old man was healed from a mental illness, and a young man was healed from deafness.  

Special thanks to everyone we met in Africa!

We fell in love with Africa. We are so thankful that most people we met received Jesus and welcomed us. God bless Africa!

Africa is a wonderful place to share the Gospel in. Their openness and acceptance are second to none. I pray more and more Christians will visit Africa to evangelize the continent. I pray Africa to be well armored with the words of God! Revival is now, and Africa is already being saved!

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