Christmas Gifts for You

Here are my artworks for you to download and print freely

These artworks are my testimonies and worship. Each work carry prophecies and/or something about heaven. Take a look at those and make them yours. I pray that you will receive whatever I received and even more as you enjoy my paintings!

How to order a framed artwork?

  1. Download: Download the digital files of the paintings by clicking the green button below each painting.
  2. Order: I use an internet print shop to make framed artworks. (You can use any other print shops online/offline.) Sign up, upload the digital files, choose whatever size and form they offer, and order it to your address.
  3. Share with Others for Christmas Gifts! What a great time to introduce our king Jesus to the lost! Please consider printing extra(s) for your neighbors who don’t know Jesus yet.

Let’s start with…


Jesus My Lord


A butterfly couple bringing a new dream curtain to an old city

A deer drinking water

Jesus on the Cross

Peace in the Storm

Lion of Judah Roar!

Lion of Judah Roar 2

Oh Perfect Love!

If you printed out and enjoyed my paintings, please leave a review in the comment section. Thank you so much!

-Seya, your sister in God.

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