A Healing Picture Dedicated to the Body of Christ

Hi, this is Seya from South Korea. Ever since I was saved, I made up my mind and prayed to Lord that I want to use all my artistic gift for Him and His Kingdom only.

How this picture came out

This picture is an illustration of a dream given to Kim Benson in 1985. Her dream is about a heavenly army with the archangel Michael.  When she had this dream, she didn’t know who Michael was. The heavenly army can be found in Revelation chapter 19. And you can read Kim’s dream here.

I had a chance to hear her dream in one of the online sessions in the School of Revival and wanted to paint the beautiful dream. On the other hand, Kim had been wanting to have someone paint her dream.

What is this picture about?

Kim’s dream was about heavenly army. They wore white clothes, and each one had a white horse. When they were hurt from the battle, they would simply place their hands on each others’ wounds, and the wounds would be healed. To me, this scene tells me that how easy healing can be once we have desire to heal each others’ wound and how much we are supposed to heal each other. This picture depicts the healing scene of her dream.

Receiving Healing Energy from the Picture

I put the picture on the table to see, and my husband and I sat in front of the picture to look at it.

My husband, who is more sensitive than me in this respect, felt healing energy from the picture. And I was able to feel something very soothing, calm, and peaceful. The picture was emanating something. We both couldn’t take our eyes off of the picture because we were receiving energy from the Holy Spirit. We were sitting in front of the image for quite a long time.

How did this happen?

I remembered my prayer. “Father, let me draw something that the picture itself emanates power of God, so people who see the picture can be changed.” I believe God answered my prayer.

In my prayer I gave up the ownership of this painting and submitted the picture to the Lord, and asked Him to use the picture at His will.

Then on July 30, 2020, I was praying with my husband. While I was praying in tongues, I realized that Holy Spirit wants to give this piece to people for free, especially to the body of the Christ, and especially for those in the U.S.

This is for you.

So, I joyfully present this artwork for you. I pray this work of my hand, depicting a dream given to a American woman many decades ago, delivers the blessings of the Father’s healing to you and to nations.


What happened to those who had the painting at home? (Click to Open)
Kim’s Testimony – SOZO Healing Power

It’s hanging in the Upper Room and all the women love it. It’s a visual reminder of the healing power of God- His SOZO healing power that heals all areas of our lives- physical, spiritual, mental. 

We often look at the picture while we pray – so it also reminds us of the call of the Lord on our lives as Intercessors – warriors. 

We can also see the provision of the Lord as He is the One Who has called us to this place of prayer and this life of intercession. 

I also see the relationships – the unity and oneness under the Lord. How He is the One Who has called us together- it was His great plan- which extends to you and Hacksun- to all of those in SOR as we join together as His army- following His call and decree in the earth in these last days. 

The picture speaks! 

Marshay’s Testimony – Healed from Insomnia

After this painting arrived my body suddenly became tired and I just had to rest. It was like my body had a complete reset!

I was going to sleep at 630pm for two days and then at 330pm another day!

Maybe 2 days after this painting arrived…I had another experience with insomnia. This was on the day my church had a large freedom conference! Many people were experiencing deliverance this day.

And then…since then my body has just been desiring rest. So much rest.

Then God gave me a word that I was reading in my email that told me to do what my body needed.

My body has been healing even without me trying.

Read More about Marshay’s Testimony

Seya’s Testimony – Healing in Relationship

It’s been two months since I had this painting in my living room. I find that this painting has brought healing in relationship. I don’t hardly argue with my husband at all. We find we have a better, loving relationship with each other and even with our pets.

**You can read a full text of Marshay’s testimony here. She experienced healing from insomnia and her physical symptom.

Download this image file and print

Below is the original file of this artwork. Feel free to download the original file and make framed piece for you. You can also set this image as wallpaper on your computer.

How to Order a Print

You can ask a professional print shop to print and frame.

The shop I linked below is a good example.



My Prayer

Lord I pray, please heal those who receive this picture in every area of his/her life, according to Your will.

For the Glory of God alone.

Who is the Artist?

Seya Cha – Profile

Born again in 2014, baptized in the Holy Spirit in 2019!

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA (Fine Art)
  • Seoul National University, BFA in Sculpture
  • Seoul Art High school
  • 2010 Group Exhibition “Fantastic World”, Clayark Gimhae Museum, Korea
  • 2009 Sponsoring artworks to a Korean Drama “IRIS” distributed all over the world.
  • 2009 Solo Exhibition – “Heaven Loves a Frog” Gallery AT, Gyeonggi, Korea.
  • 2008 Solo Exhibition – “A Bird and a Boy” Gallery Young, Seoul, Korea.
  • 2008 Solo Exhibition “Star and Love” Gallery Hosi, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2006 Group Exhibition “‘Stars and Moon’ Sand Table” Installation work, Gallery Kimi, Seoul, Korea.