Greetings from Hacksun and Seya,

We are a team of husband and wife who love Jesus Christ and live for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Nothing compares to sharing the Gospel with the lost because that is where the heart of our Father God lies.

We are so honored and joyful to be able to share the Gospel wherever God sends us. Hallelujah!

Below is how we came to start this website.

First, Jesus Saved US

At the end of 2014, we came to Jesus through a series of very strange, hard-to-understand events. It was our time of tribulation, for which we are so thankful now because it was through that tribulation we were saved.

Since our salvation, we became rather isolated Christians. Although we did experience supernatural favor and grace of God, we didn’t have any knowledge about just how much more is available to the children of God.

Then, Jesus Baptized Us in Holy Spirit

However, upon receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit in 2019, we started experiencing the love of God in even more powerful and unexpected ways. Since then, we watched tons of Sid Roth and other Spirit-filled YouTube videos, read books, and prayed in tongues. In doing so, we began to see just how much supernatural favor and grace we’ve been missing out.

The Lord Led Us to the School of Revival

Then, on May 7th, 2020, the Lord led us to a school and like-minded people.

Sometime in the morning that day, Hacksun’s heart suddenly broke for revival. He cried out, “O God, please give us revival!” Then that afternoon, he found a website featuring the upcoming School of Revival (SOR), while googling “witch hunt” for one of his translation projects. He immediately joined the school.

The SOR 101 started on May 15th. Seya was lying down on the couch, and Hacksun was listening to the first online session of the School of Revival, led by Dr. Jennifer Miskov. When Dr. Miskov started speaking about the Azusa Street Revival, Seya’s body on the left side, which is her weaker side, started twitching. This continued about every 15-30 seconds for about 30 minute until Dr. Miskov finished talking about the Azusa Revival. The next day, when Seya was looking at the Facebook page of the SOR, her hand started aching. She joined the School of Revival, believing this was Holy Spirit’s doing.

We Found the Stones of Remembrance

In SOR, there was an activation called “Stone of Remembrance.” It refers to any kind of object that reminds us of God’s special favor on us. Through this activity, we got to know wonderful testimonies from the fellow members of SOR. This stirred the heart of Seya, who now wanted to make these testimonies available to the public. Also, it would be great if any others with wonderful testimonies to tell can have a place to publish their stories, too!

So this website was created. We do this for the glory of God, to help win more souls, and help strengthen the body of Christ.

We pray that anyone visiting this site be blessed in Jesus name. Amen.

– Hacksun & Seya Cha, from South Korea –