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Three mothers of Caleb/Kaleb

We met three mothers of Caleb/Kaleb in a row. As we travel, we first met Courtney Goodwin at the Nations Church, Orlando, FL. She and her family came to Orlando for a vacation and we had a great lunch together. She has a son named Caleb, 12 years old. It was June 27th, 2021. Then […]

Signs & Wonders US Trip

BLT (Bear, Lion, Tiger)-images of two lost members

On our process to settling in Mexico, we found three members of BLT. When we visited my friend Sandy Bates in GA, we went to Noah’s Ark zoo on July 8th.  There we heard a story of three rescued animals-a Bear, a Lion, and a Tiger -BLT.  They were found in a basement of drug […]