Inspiring Card Designs

Here are card designs for your ministry.

All painting is my testimony of encountering God. I believe that Holy Spirit will open up the heart of the viewers when they see these paintings. Those artworks bypass human minds and understanding. Some people take cards with them although they reject gospel. Then there will be another chance for them to receive Jesus afterwords.

Feel free to download for making postcards, etc. I will make more languages available!

1. “Deer Painting” with Salvation Prayer

Read the testimony of the Deer Painting

2. “Peace in the Storm” with Verses on Supernatural Protection.

Read the testimony of Peace in the Storm

3. “Healing Each Other” with Verses on Healing.

Read the testimony of Healing Each Other

4. “Jesus the avenger” with bible verses on payback & judgement

Read the testimony of Lion of Judah Roar!