Baptism of the Holy Spirit by following a text message sent to a wrong number

After being saved in the end of 2014, my husband and I came to understand the history of our country Korea.

One day in 2017, I wanted to watch the movie “Left behind” and searched on Youtube. Instead of the movie, I found an interesting title, “Establishment of Korea, the miracle of God.” I clicked it and watched them with my husband. Actually it was a series of six episodes. Those blew our mind.

Republic of Korea is a gift of God. The country could have been like a N. Korea, but God rescued the country through the blood of over 40,000 soldiers mainly from the U.S. and other coutries. And it happened through a founder of Korea, Seungman Lee, who was a Christian and devoted the whole country to God. There have been large movement of Christians who prayed for the country. As a result, S. Korea has been fastest growing country from one of the poorest country in the world. In the opposite, the country in the north (I wrote this way to avoid being searched by them) has been worshipped human idol and became a hell on earth, as bad as to the point that they had to eat each other out of poverty. Knowing this, my husband and I prayed, “Please save our country, we will do anything to rescure our nation.”

October 25th 2019, my husband and I went a patriots’ prayer rally held in the center of Seoul. It was all-night prayer rally and a pastor brought up an issue of “Baptism of the Holy Spirit,” which I haven’t even heard of. He instructed that if we cry out with all of our heart, to the fullest, then all can receive the baptism of Holy Spirit and pray in tongue. So we cried out as much as we could, with countless others together. My husband received baptism of Holy Spirit that night and started to pray in tongues, but not me. 

Since then I prayed for receiving tongue continuously, and attended the prayer rally every sunday for a month. There, the pastor still helped people to receive baptism of the Holy Spirit and I was so desperate to receive anything good and supernatural from God. It seemed something was happening to me because I found myself weeping so badly, without knowing why I was weeping, but still, there was no tongues. 

Then after a month of weeping every Sunday, I received a text message on my phone. I was not supposed to receive the message because it was meant for a select group of leaders.  

The text message says, “Come to XX church on OOday for a prayer meeting… I invite you to come…Seize the moment. Chances do not come everyday.” The church belonged to the pastor who talked about baptism of the Holy Spirit. My husband thought this could be a message from God, so we drove one and half hour to get to the church on the day Dec. 3rd 2019. The church was very old and looked like it was about to collapse. Fungi all around the wall, no window, it was the humblest church I’ve ever seen. 

There were about 200 people in the church and we sat among them. A sermon started and finished. During a break people prayed very loudly, so I prayed out as much as I could with a desperate heart. Then suddenly, my natural language changed into an unknown language. I received tongues! I felt heat all over my body and was so excited. 

This is how I received tongues. Hope you all receive something good from God, unexpectedly. 🙂

Seya Cha