I sang a song for Jesus, then Jesus sang a song for me

I am not a good singer. My voice is small, and it doesn’t really go up. So worshipping in poor voice had been a concern. I wondered if this voice can satisfy our Father in heaven. I thought maybe He could be pleased by my trial to worship, not by my voice quality.

One day I watched Julie Meyer on Youtube. She said that poor voice doesn’t matter, just sing a song to Jesus, He loves to listen our worship.

I was encouraged. Several days later, I had a chance to fast for one day. In the evening, I started singing a song to Jesus. The title was “You are my portion” which I really love, and the song was good to confess love to Jesus. With as much love as I have, I sang a song to Jesus. How did I do that? I just imagined I have Jesus in front of me, and I sang the same song several times.

I went to bed and fell asleep.

In my dream, I was wandering around a house or a small building. I felt lonely and lost. Then one person in my memory came to me to get along. I didn’t like him, then he left. Then my husband, I thought He was my husband, who I didn’t see the face, came to me and put me on His lap. I sat comfortably. Then He sang a song on my left ear. The song was so beautiful and so satisfying… I was so satisfied. Then I woke up. I realized that He was Jesus.

I wanted to remember the song but was unable to remember even a bit. Just like humans don’t hear beyond a certain range of sound frequency, my physical body was unable to recall the song.

I wanted to have the same encounter, so I tried to worship the same way, but I haven’t had the same kind of encounter after that.

Seya Cha