Spirit of Rejection came out from the chest – part 1 Snake on the chest

Philip Mantofa’s interview on deliverance

After I listen to Philip Mantofa’s testimony on hell, I wanted to know more about him. I searched Youtube and found an interview he had with God TV.

In the interview, Philip shared his story of deliverance. Before he was saved in his late teenage, he used to be violent and could have killed many people. In such a lifestyle, he was demonized so that he could win the battle all time. However, after being saved, he had to expell all the demons and satanic assignments from his body. He went through 40 days fast, excluding solid food from his diet. In this period, many things came out from his body. The process seemed to be harsh. For example, he didn’t remember what happened, but when he was awake he was surrouned by all the vomits near him. the first and easiest spirit to get rid of was spirit of martial art, and the last and the most difficult one was the spirit of rejection. He needed help of a pastor to get rid of the spirit of rejection, as the final step of deliverance.

Spirit of rejection and how it came in

Spirit of rejection came to Philip when he was very young. His parents were a bit disappointed whn they found their newly conceived baby was a boy because they wanted a girl. Philip explained the spirit of rejection came in from that point. Although his parents were nice and supportive, the once-entered spirit remained. As he grew up he struggled from anger and hatred causing him to be a gangster, and suicidal thought that caused three attempts to kill himself.

He finished his interview with a prayer to cast out the spirit of rejection from the viewer. When I heard the word “spirit of rejection” and his story, I thought I may have the same thing, so I received his prayer when he prayed.

Holy Spirit cleaning up my chest

I don’t remember how long the time passed, maybe several days later. I was laying down on a couch and next to me my husband was receiving the energy from the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, something like wind came to my chest area and cleaned the area and left. I was surprised and didn’t understand what had happened. It was June 28th 2020.

Spirit of rejction being found

Five days later, July 3rd, with my husband, I listened to a special live healing session offered by Joshua and Janet Mills on Youtube. During the session, I commented somthing like this “I need OOO for healing and my husband needs OOO” Then my husband was displeased and said, “You can’t get healed if you don’t write your name.” Then suddenly, I felt rejected and the feeling of being hurt was quite strong that I felt several differents emotions and ideas. I wanted to die, I felt anger, and I hated myself. I felt unwanted, unworthy, and unable to do anything. I cried out of pain, and my husband became to say sorry and comfort me. Then somehow I realized this was something. I thought some hidden thoughts and emotions came out because of the healing energy.

So I repented that I’ve agreed with those negative thoughts and emotions. It was hard but I felt something happened.

Act of acceptance and kicking out the sprit of rejection

That night, I was about to go bed. My dog Tobi sleeps in the living room, but she suddenly jumped on the couch which never happened before. I was a bit surprised but I allowed her to be there, with joyful heart.

I went to bed. Then immediately, I felt strong pain on my chest area, right below my neck to where the bone is ending on my center of chest. I felt something got out, and I saw the lower half body of a snack placed on my chest. At the same time, my husband saw two snakes and one of them fled. I thought this must be the spirit of rejection and a part of it left me.

After this deliverance, I didn’t really feel delivered, actually. I felt the destructive aspects of the spirit more strongly in myself. Those feeling of being unworthy, unwanted, and unable was dense.

Write down 20 things God says about me

I released this story to friends of SOR, and Lakisha Toussant said the spirit might have blocked my vitality as it was placed on the area where my heart and lung are. Then she helped me to find my true identity by letting me write down 20 different ways God says about me.

So I did that. My husband helped me. This is a part of the list.

  1. I am favored one.
  2. I am beloved one.
  3. I am chosen.
  4. I came from the Lord.
  5. I belong to God.
  6. I dwell in God.
  7. I am a winner.

From the list of 20, I found that I was WANTED, WORTHY, and ABLE in Jesus Christ my Lord. The lies of the enemy have devoured my identity and my life.

A part of the spirit of rejection is not out yet, but I find myself coughing sometimes not because I have any problem but because the spirit is having a difficulty residing in my chest. I expect it will come out soon.

Whosoever read this story, I pray that the spirit of rejection be expelled and your true identity in God be found, I pray and declare in Jesus name, Amen.