Healing Testimonies

Can a Painting Heal? – Marshay’s Testimony

This is a testimony of Marshay Price who received a painting “Healing Each Other” and experienced healing.

Healing Sandy Bates Testimonies

Thyroid Miracle from 08/08/08 to 08/08/18

He was beaten so we could be whole.He was whipped so we could be healed.-Isaiah 53:5- Sandy Bates Back in 2008 at a routine doctor’s appointment, I was told that my thyroid numbers were too high and that I should visit an endocrinologist for further testing. I did go to a specialist for further testing […]

By Author Courtney Goodwin Healing Prophecy Testimonies

Jesus removed fear in my son, then he started walking

I am Yahweh, your mighty God! I grip your right hand and won’t let you go!I whisper to you: ‘Don’t be afraid; I am here to help you!’ -Isaiah 41:13 TPT- Courtney Goodwin My son Caleb was born with severe developmental delays. We began physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and feeding therapy with him […]